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Jon Oliva's Pain - Global Warning (CD)

Jon Oliva's Pain
Global Warning
by Ian Kaatz at 26 April 2008, 3:29 PM

Since I discovered SAVATAGE and Jon Oliva related projects in 2005 I have been floored by anything slightly related. I love the atmosphere and the overall feeling that the music creates in a room of people that know the music; the looks on people's faces that are just listening to it for the first time are priceless. I am convince that almost no one else on this Earth puts more of his blood, sweat, and tears in their then The Mountain King does and with his band in tow they absolutely destroy once again.  

I don't think Jon and his band need any introduction really.  Jon has been writing music for nearly 30 years with SAVATAGE, DOCTOR BUTCHER, and TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA. His backing band is nothing to over look either even though I don't mention them as much in the review which is not a knock on them, I am just a Jon fan-boy. They were at one time with Zak Stevens in CIRCLE II CIRCLE.

To start with Jon used some of Criss' previously recorded material, so this damn near a SAVATAGE record. So people don't bitch about getting a new one because if I recall Jon said a good portion of the album came from back when he and Criss were writing.

The album begins with the title track and has somewhat of a lengthy intro, but it sounds like Oliva in top form ripping apart the keys. I just love Jon's voice so soft in parts, but then being about rough as sandpaper in others. The solo towards the end is very nice, I wonder if this is one of the guitar parts that Criss wrote. Look At The World is the perfect mid-paced classic SAVATAGE style with organs and a rhythm that is unbelievably infectious. The third song picks it up a few notches as far as tempo. The truly aggressive side of the bands comes out majestically from the tone in the guitars and vocals to the ability of the lyrics to be shouted by any audience member, perfect for a live setting.

Before I Hang begins with that amazing organ sound of a more mid-paced track, but then it jumps to the more aggressive side. The addition of the backing chorus towards the end really adds to feeling of the later part in the song. In this part of the song I could totally hear Zak Stevens make a guest appearance with some counterpoint vocal tracks, very old school 'TAGE sounding. Firefly is one of my favorite tracks on the album, there is so much emotion behind Jon's voice and the atmosphere of the all instruments intertwining is epic possibly without it meaning to be. This track relies heavily on the softer side of things perhaps along the same lines as Believe, but with a heavier outro. The next one contains a crazy effect for the vocals in certain parts where it is supposed to sound more digital sounding. The overall effect is pretty interesting, and unexpected. The overall song is pretty good I think it is another song that would be great live thanks to the chorus along with an evil computer laugh half way through the song. The digital effects added to the guitar solo or at least what I think is a guitar is also pretty sweet. The alternating of acoustic guitars and an electric slide guitar are an interesting mix to the next one. The Ride is another one of those foot stomping amazing rhythm tracks that only coupled by superb chorus.

The mingling of the keys and guitars on Walk Upon Water is really warm sounding and gives me goose bumps listening to it. I think this is probably one the tracks that Jon used some of Criss' recorded stuff. I think this track is just so unique and enchanting, easily one of the best on the album. Stories straight up could have came from the DOCTOR BUTCHER album aggressive as hell, but with a slightly more melodic touch and it is pretty slight. The track following is another one of Jon's slow epic tracks with Jon assuming the angel role with his magnificent vocal tone compare to his mephesto tone. The second to last track implores the faster side once again while the last track is something slightly different. It is a split track one part is particularly slow and features only Jon and guitar. The first part though begins like one of the slower tracks until it really picks up speed and they sound almost like Zeppelin to me, which is something I never noticed in Jon's writing til now.

If you like Jon's other projects, you will like this one. Enough said.

4 Star Rating

Global Warning
Look At The World
Adding The Cost
Before I Hang
The Ride
O To G
Walk Upon The Water
Open Your Eyes
You Never Know
Jon Oliva - Vocals, Keyboards
John Zahner - Keyboards
Shane French - Guitars
Matt LaPorte - Guitars
Kevin Rotheny - Bass
Christopher Kinder - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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