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Jorn - Traveller Award winner

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 20 June 2013, 1:56 PM

For the one that will be king of the future of Hard Rock, I salute with honours. The Norwegian Raven returns to the scene only a year after this latest “Bring Back Heavy Rock To The Land”, probably too soon you think? He might need to sit with his peers in the studio for another year of soul searching and material writing? No, my distinguished readers, Jorn Lande didn’t require another year of preparations for the let loose of this new featured classic album. “Traveller”, via Frontiers Records (ohh boy, this label is so fortunate for sustaining this guy on their long roster of bands), is not what I would exclusively call a Hard Rock album, but a level up of heaviness, turning it into a monumental Heavy Metal proficiency, upheaving the monstrous force of 80s Metal, along with late 70s Hard Rock, with mixed signals of BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW and Lande’s astounding idol, Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.). Generally, this is possibly Lande’s most DIO oriented album ever released. At times I thought him to be the next in line David Coverdale of the WHITESNAKE fame, but by ascertaining by this blasting head turner, I guess the plot thickened and the next icon is up for grabs.

Principally, Lande’s musical conception didn’t seem to change on “Traveller”, but it came to hit the right spot within this Metalhead’s heart and soul. Firstly, other than demonstrating once again his profound Blues infused singing, needless to claim that he is after all the voice of Rock as it has been stated time and time again, Lande’s tone of voice, and prolific dexterity, has that divine power to reach out from within and do whatever his wishes with one’s state of mind, so compelling and addictive, as if one could have listened to him day and night without a means to an end. Sadly, there are only a few singers that can actually do more than just being the front of some band; I believe that every decade has its own voices of promises. This is Lande’s turn. Secondly, the addition of WIG WAM’s guitarist, Trond Holter, fronting him to the lead role in the band, lived up to be one of the best moves that Lande ever did. Not by any chance that Tore Moren didn’t deliver the goods in the past, yet I am afraid that “Traveller” was Holter’s prime time, displaying his mighty licks and Rockish soloing with a few pieces of shred. Remembering his work with WIG WAM, his lead fretwork alongside Lande was revealed as somewhat intensified; Holter displayed a great Metallic feel, alive and kicking, with tremendous energies and an electrifying vibe.

In comparison to previous JORN albums, “Traveller” is quite a heavy kicker, probably the heaviest of them to date. Through the course of the first two firing cannons of “Overload” and “Cancer Demon”, I was torn to bits and shreds by the unequivocal wall of the sound of ferocity and the biting Heavy Metal ecstasy. Both song display simplistic rhythm guitaring and push through with an oblivious force, so contagious for the ears, but I think that Holter’s lead markings won’t let you turn the page so quickly. “Cancer Demon” had me dazed and confused just a bit. In overall, it sensed like an altered version of “Holy Diver”, yet as it developed forward, I noticed the common JORN attributes though the C part and soloing appeared quite different. The song “Traveller” isn’t your trip soundtrack, but as most of the tracks on this album, infectious as hell, Lande’s lyrics sound so down to earth, profiling metaphors but ascertain the realities beyond them. Musically, this is one of the melodic pieces of cutting edge Metal. “Make Your Engine Scream”, an anthem among anthems, slow tempo classic act in the name of all that is true and surreal; it could have been a radio burner, groovy, thunderously heavy, harmonious, chorus being so compelling. “The Man Who Was King”, is Lande’s second gesture for Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.), conveying through the deepness of his heart how Dio touched his soul and musical conception, and still does to date. I found his preaching quite miraculous, and the darkened and heavy music shadowing his voice like a clenched iron fist of true Metal, grieving the loss of a spiritual father, singing the song of the one that was king. This isn’t a straightforward song nor a ballad for the weary, but plainly a memorial service for Metal’s greatest fathers, attributing him with right amount of heaviness, classy soloing and slow tempo rhythm section. On that note, just head to buy this album, one of Jorn Lande’s prime achievements, take the raven ride.

4 Star Rating

1. Overload
2. Cancer Demon
3. Traveller
4. Window Maker
5. Make Your Engine Scream
6. Legend Man
7. Carry the Black
8. Rev On
9. Monsoon
10.  The Man Who Was King
Jorn Lande - Vocals
Trond Holter - Guitar
Jimmy Iversen - Guitar
Bernt Jansen - Bass
Willy Bendiksen - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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