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Joyless – Without Support

Without Support
by Ilias Halastanis at 18 July 2011, 11:50 PM

JOYLESS, one of the most controversial bands, maintain their unique style. JOYLESS is mainly a depressive and also psychedelic Rock with and early Black Metal influence. JOYLESS'sfirst work “Unlimited Hate” once maintained this style; When it’s something between depressive Rock and depressive Black Metal we could easily claim that it is probably experimental. This year’s Full-length called “Without Support” is their third Full-length; Eleven years after their previous Full-length “Wisdom & Arrogance”. We could say that we can once again listen to yet another really nice work based on their unique style. The music and lyrical themes remained the same.

Here is some info about JOYLESS: They were formed in 1996. The debut album was “Unlimited Hate”. After a year, in 1997, they continued their work with a split with APOKRYPHUS. Two years later in 1997 they release their EP “Blue in the Face”. The following year, 2000, they release their second Full-length, “Wisdom & Arrogance”; In that same year the member Ida joined the band.  In 2005 they returned again with a split album with WOODS OF INFINITY called “Uppgivet Hjärta / Eidyllion”. After four years, in 2009, they returned once again and this time with a furious attitude with a compilation called “Wild Signs of the Endtimes”. Furthermore, there were also three split albums: The first one with BETHLEHEM, the second one with URFAUST and the third one with DEKADENT AESTHETIX. This year, they are back with their third Full-length called “Without Support”.

“Without Support”has a great musical taste. The female leading vocals are amazing. Those provided mischievous and also depressive style at the same time. The music is just as I expected from this band. They might have changed their stylein the last tenyears from depressive Black Metal form to a depressive and psychedelic Rock, yet, the result is amazing. I also have to say that JOYLESS influenced many other bands like LIFELOVER.
As I see it, the “Without Support” album is a quality work. Once again the band remained true to their lyrical themes. The sound is just what I expected. Lead vocals by the charming voice of Ida Helleboe. Even the depressive manner of her voice is so beautiful. I also should say that the band rocked out songs that will definitely give the audience depressive feelings but not anything too extreme to would draw tears. It’s just the unique art of JOYLESS.

As for the material, “Have a Nice Fight” is a great song with a Rock N' Roll essence. I really enjoyed the guitar sound, and of course Ida’s heavenly voice. I got to accept that “Puberty and Dreams” was my favorite song; from the oblivion to some excellent Rock N' Roll bits; I could say the same for “Shimmer and Shine”. Ida’s voice again is amazing and the overall depressive atmosphere is what I enjoyed most from this excellent band. “The Adorn Japetus” song focuses in the emotion of sadness. Songs as “The Soft Addition”, “De Profundis Domine” , “Shadow Spree” and “Better”, are what I can call as the gloomy side of Hard Rock. The son “Trilobite” is not as sobbing or depressed as the previous songs; the music is great and reminds us bands like VIETNAM VETERANS a great psychedelic Rock band, or DEAD MOON. Who knows? Maybe JOYLESS are influenced by those kind of bands. “Velvet Willows” song is a typical song we could listen at our local Rock bar, pub or Rock café, nothing really special. The song “Journey” is a great harmonic and depressed song, we can enjoy this atmosphere and the great vocals again. This song is also the outro that’s why it’s the last one.
JOYLESS managed to combine depression and beauty. JOYLESS delivered an amazing album full of emotion and straight up good music. Their unique style, close to depressive Rock, psychedelic Rock and Rock n Roll might not be good music for everyone, but he got to say that the “Without Support” album was a great work. We can only hope that they keep up the good work and send them our best wishes!

4 Star Rating

1. Have a Nice Fight
2. Puberty and Dreams
3. The Adorn Japetus
4. The Soft Addiction
5. Better
6. De Profundis Domine
7. Shadow Spree
8. Trilobite
9. Shimmer and Shine
10. Velvet Willows
11. Journey 
Ida Helleboe– Vocals
Olav Berland– Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Nylon– Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Harmonica
Record Label: Van Records


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Edited 04 June 2023

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