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Jucifer - If Thine Enemy Hunger (CD)

If Thine Enemy Hunger
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 15 October 2006, 7:18 PM

Why? Why God? Have I sinned? At least come down to earth and take my life! What have I done to deserve something like this? Is it some kind of test I am going through? Why was it I to get this CD for review? Basically, why did this CD was released? Why did Relapse sign them? So many questions with no answer. And the fact is that this CD still has to be reviewed! I should better have five or six packs of cigarettes with me. I will definitely need them!
This band was formed in late 1993, in Athens, Georgia. In 1994, the former drummer quit the band (I wonder why…). They have released two albums, two EP's and one split CD with Licorice. This is their third full-length release. Oh, and something I read in their official website, they live in their tour vehicle (a van), because their house was sold while they were on tour…
So, Jucifer have toured with The Melvins and with High On Fire. If someone tells me why, I would be grateful. What does this band has to do with bands like these? In their official site, they mention that they have influences from music genres such as acid jazz, trip hop, hardcore, doom, pop and in general everything! The only thing my ears witnessed was a band with no identity that plays a shitty Doom Metal thing with alternative Rock and post Grunge touches. It's as if they want to be The Ravonettes of Metal! The only thing I have to agree with (regarding the note on their CD) is that they definitely are US's unique and most characteristic Rock band! If you listen to this CD, there is no way you can forget its sound! Hmmm, haven't I already spent much time about this release? I surely have…
So, if you have already read what I said above, it's your fault if you buy this CD. Do as you wish. But don't tell me I didn't warn you!

1 Star Rating

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Amber Valentine - Vocals, Guitar
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Record Label: Relapse Records


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