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Judas Priest - Machine Man - Single (CD)

Judas Priest
Machine Man - Single
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 11 June 2001, 8:55 PM

Don't you just feel damn thirsty when it comes to your favorite Metal Band and it's been a long time since they've released anything?

Judas Priest knew the fans were getting pretty restless and thirsty. They just couldn't let them unrewarded for all the waiting they've been doing all this time, so they decided to release a CD Single of what's to be released in less than a month. Call it a teaser, call it whatever you want to, it's something all the Priest fans deserved at least for starters!

'Machine Man' has two tracks from the 'Demolition' Album and one Video clip (Burn In Hell) from the 'Jugulator' Album. Since most of you have probably seen the 'Burn In Hell' Video Clip, I won't say anything about it. It kicks ass anyway.

'Machine Man' starts with an exploding 'painkiller' kind of blast and throughout the whole song Tipton & Downing keep on firing us with their awesome guitars! Scott Travis is one of the best Heavy Metal drummers and none dares to say anything against that. It's a fact, this man makes the whole rhythm section sound even more like a heavy, speeding, adrenaline-bursting monster! 'Machine Man' proves exactly what I just mentioned in this paragraph. Ripper Owens doesn't give that much of a 'show' in this song but he's OK. I mean, the lyrics aren't anything special so there's nothing much to point out. Personally, I believe that there could have been a better, representative song in the Single instead of 'Machine Man'. There's nothing bad about this song, it's just more for the guitars, bass and drums. Outstanding vocals or not, you'll surely like this one!

'Subterfuge' is one of the best songs in 'Demolition' even though all of the songs in the album are divine! From the beginning to the end, it's an outstanding Heavy (really Heavy) song. It's got fantastic guitar distortions which make it slightly futuristic too but never removing the Heavy essence from it! Ripper's vocals vary from heavy-hardcore (brutal, Anselmo sort of style) to the sharp, hell-raised screams we're so used to! The lyrics are really cool and the whole song gives you the feeling of a really pissed off dude (Ripper hehe) that expresses anger and hate through his vocals! This is definitely one song you'll be hearing for a long time…

The single could have had a few tracks more if you come to think that the 'Demolition' Album has 13 tracks! Maybe they could have even done a Video Clip for one of the new songs, instead of throwing in the 'Burn In Hell' clip. Therefore since this is just a taste of what's going to follow…be prepared…

…The Priest Is Back!
'We are to you just a drop in the Oceanmaybe that'strue but it's only a notionyou integrate withfriendly intrusionwe won't get fooled we have cometo conclusion…'

4 Star Rating

Machine Man
Burn In Hell (CD Extra Video Clip)
Ripper Owens - Vocals
Glenn Tipton - Guitars
K.K. Downing - Guitars
Ian Hill - Bass
Scott Travis - Drums
Record Label: SPV


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