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Juliet Ruin - Dark Water

Juliet Ruin
Dark Water
by John Foley at 21 April 2021, 7:41 AM

Taking the scene in Edmonton, Canada by storm since 2015 we have JULIET RUIN and their new E.P “Dark Water", which is the follow up to their first full length album “Old Stardust, Love and Chaos". If you are a fan of the likes of JINJIR, INFECTED RAIN, THE AGONIST and BUTCHER BABIES then the “Dark Water" E.P is one for you to check out. The E.P opens with the title track “Dark Water" as a ferocious riff creeps in as the rhythm section sounds away. From then the band are now in full swing as the very haunting sounding vocals coming in. The song leads to a sing along chorus with a cool lead line afterwards. When the breakdown hits the vocals add a sort of dreamy feel to it until the guitar solo sections kick in. Great way to start things off.

Next up we have “Cosmic Vertigo" and right from the start the band wastes no time in jumping right into things. From listening to this the drums sound very creative as the verse kicks in with a great groove to it. The song has a powerful chorus with the vocals and lead guitar lines bringing it up. We also get a really heavy breakdown section with some evil vocals. “Fake Stigmata" has an intro riff that when you hear it you know it is going to build to something. For the verses the guitars are stripped back as a thunderous bass rumble takes over as it builds to a big sounding chorus. An angry sounding middle section comes in and builds to a great solo section. From listening to this one the lead guitar lines really shine here.

We have come to the final track on the E.P with “Might". Right from the start the band comes in sounding a little sorrowful. The lead guitar lines helps the vocals to carry the verses. The song then goes to a heavy section which sounds reminiscent of early BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and then back to a sort of quiet verse. The song really rises with the emotion behind it. The middle section has a really nice melody as the lead guitar line and drums build it back up as the song goes back to the heavy section to lead us out.

“Dark Water" by JULIET RUIN is a great listen and one I really enjoyed. From listening the vocals have a lot of range as she goes from hauntingly clean to aggressive death growls. The band has a very modern sound that is filled with great riffing and killer grooves. The songs here are great and you can hear their influences at times too. This is a band that, from listening to this, sounds like they need to be experienced in a live setting and I would love to hear more from them in the future.

Song Writing: 8
Memorability: 7
Musicianship: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Dark Water
2. Cosmic Vertigo
3. Fake Stigmata
4. Might
Jess Flemming – Vocals
Kent Geislinger – Guitar
Wesley Rands – Guitar
Cody Reid – Bass
Jesse Bauman – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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