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Jumpin’ Jesus - The Art of Crucifying (Reissue) Award winner

Jumpin’ Jesus
The Art of Crucifying (Reissue)
by Kyle Scott at 09 January 2018, 1:26 PM

It’s difficult to find anything about this German Death Metal band because A, they don’t have an official website besides a Facebook page (that doesn’t have much info about them to begin with), and B, according to Encyclopaedia Metallum, the band is listed as ‘Split’. Apparently, they called it quits way back in the early 90’s. But they’ve reissued their 1991 demo “The Art of Crucifying”, and have a decent following anxious to see them back together, so they’re going through a rebirth of sorts.

Miro Pavelic sounds like a vicious gurgling beast crawling out of its hiding spot in search of its next meal in “Out of the Unknown”, but before it has a chance to strike, a whirlwind of shredded chords sweeps you up and surrounds you with a wall of unrelenting noise and tangled tab progressions that threaten to strangle. “Braincramps” isn’t prepared to slow things down anytime soon, either. Pavelic alternates between growls and shrieks like a split personality, singing about being locked in a mental institution and forced to endure drugs and shock treatment for the unspeakable crime of being differently opinionated.

“The King of Worms” is arguably the heaviest track, with scathing lyrics aimed squarely at the 1990 Chancellor of Germany, Helmut Kohl, “High above the towers/ugly, fat, and mad/braindead he devours/all the things we had”. After a little digging, I found out that Kohl was responsible for reunifying West and East Germany in the ‘90s. While obviously a huge deal, and a weird thing to be critical of, apparently, it was a decision that wasn’t welcomed by everyone and the reunification was a major drain on the country’s economy. Jobs were lost in the east, inflation rose in the west. Kohl was later found to have taken $1 million in illegal donations and handing it out to local parties during that time, too. That’s your History Fact of the Day courtesy of JUMPIN’ JESUS. Back to the review: “The Preacher” is straight up terrifying because Pavelic opens the song by belting out a blood-curdling scream for fifteen seconds followed by insane laughter. And that’s the entire song. Yes, very funny Miro, I had to change my pants after that song…

The album is a bottle of intense, testosterone-fueled hate that fizzes and gets on everything before exploding and sending glass shrapnel flying. It’s Death Metal as it’s supposed to sound; unrelenting and soul-destroying.

Songwriting - 9
Originality - 10
Memorability - 10
Production - 8

4 Star Rating

1. Out of the Unknown
2. Brain Cramps
3. The King of Worms
4. Cloning the Future
5. Chaingang
6. Burnt Offerings
7. Important Gain
8. Rotten Flesh
9. Through In4crs I’s
10. Lost Yourself
11. The Preacher
Rene Genschewski - Bass
Bobby Ferdula - Drums
Mike Gage - Guitar
Oliver Ulrich - Guitar
Miro Pavelic - Vocals
Record Label: Vic Records


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Edited 02 October 2022

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