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Jungle Rot - Skin The Living (Reissue)

Jungle Rot
Skin The Living (Reissue)
by Spyros Stasis at 18 February 2013, 12:05 PM

“Skin The Living” was the first demo that JUNGLE ROT released. Originally came out on cassette tape, was then rereleased by Pure Death Records and now is being rereleased once again from Victory Records, quite close to the release date of the new JUNNGLE ROT album, “Terror Regime”. First of all, good move by Victory Records since the demo is notoriously difficult to find.

As for the actual release, the first thing that is quite impressive is how good the production, recording and mixing of the demo actually is. It is probably, in terms of sound quality, one of the best-produced demos I have heard. Everything is clear, the drums sounding great, guitars and bass too, the vocals are massive, and the overall energy of the recording is kept solid here. Also, the duration of the demo is quite short. Ten songs are included, none of which is longer than four minutes, making the overall length of the demo about twenty-five minutes long, short and spreading destruction in its path.

When it comes down to the music, if you are familiar with JUNGLE ROT you are getting everything that you would generally expect from the deathsters. If not here is a brief overview: the main two influences that I hear in this band would have to be OBITUARY and BOLT THROWER. Therefore you pretty much get the idea, mainly mid tempo songs, with heavy guitars and great groove, with vocals that in some instances remind of that John-Tardy-esque vulgarity, for instance in the beginning of “Eternal Agony” with the double-tracked voices. The only difference that you will find here in terms of sound, is probably the inclusion of some thrashier parts that the band does not incorporate that often in their next releases, like for instance in “Killing Spree” with its almost SLAYER-like riffology.

Therefore if you like Death Metal with some groove to it (listen to songs like “Black Candle Mass” ) and you do not mind a healthy bit of hardcore influence here and there, with some great riffs and extreme vocals, and if you also have a weak spot for rare, hard to find releases then “Skin The Living” will not disappoint.

4 Star Rating

1. Demon Souls
2. Destruction and Misery
3. Eternal Agony
4. Killing Spree
5. Rotten Bodies
6. Black Candle Mass
7. Awaiting The End
8. Tomb of Armenus
9. Decapitated
10. Screaming for Life
Demo Lineup:

Dave Matrise – Vocals / Guitars
Jim Harte - Drums
Jimi Bell – Guitars
Mike Legros - Bass

Current Lineup:

James Genenz - Bass
Geoff Bub - Guitars
Dave Matrise – Vocals, Guitars
Jesse Beahler – Drums
Record Label: Victory Records


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