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Junior Bruce - Pray for Death Award winner

Junior Bruce
Pray for Death
by Dani Bandolier at 16 September 2020, 12:02 PM

“Pray for Death” is the new release from JUNIOR BRUCE (2007), a hardcore thrash and death medal group from Deland, Florida in the US of A. The substantial and enchanted worldwide spectres of DEATH and Morrisound Recording still reign as behemothic sonic touchstones for any heavy band that anchors their songs with two bass drums and hummingbird-wristed riffing, especially south of Mary’s River. So ¿ what it is ? with JUNIOR BRUCE, my brothers and sisters …

‘The Sleeper Awakens’ and good golly, this dozing geezer must have been having a poxy nightmare – the song opens with a grinding hacksaw guitar that goes snout down into a DEATH mettle groove, a groove that gets my attention - although I would have sequenced this song a few tracks into the pack instead of the first song - The word is Rude, mates. ‘Terror Mounts (Wretched Things)’ rollercoasters into a chainsaw schwing that kites groove metal mosh and fierce down-strummed chord blasts. The yeehaw two-step guitar synchronization of Brett Walker and Chris Hayden is a beautiful thing to behold, like staring into an active volcano, standing close enough to feel the heat and see the rocks boil. The lads don’t stalk each other, they each play out front taking point on respective fluorescent ketchup riffs.

‘The Basement’ floats a lovely chorus that I ain’t too proud to tell ya, brings a tear to me wee orbs. The meddle production is very good with Scott Angelacos madman howlings levitating above the symphonic sturm and drang; at 4:28 we get a smartie bridge breakdown that slides into ACID BATH-land. ‘one-nine-nine-nine’ comes down off the sandpaper vapors and puts out a heavy rawk minor key buzzbomb. Once the dust starts to settle ‘The Mirror’ paints a rhythm that crack-a-lacks and shows little flourishes of NILE grooves here and few other spots there on this release - but I Pity Da Fool if you come in search of dueling guitar leads on "Pray for Death" – the music is all about the chunka-chunka pulse and Mr. T guitar strut. ‘Unspeakable Horror’ closes the show using our noggins to absorb the speed-bag beating.

JUNIOR BRUCE plays tighter than a first gear hairpin at Le Mans, sounding exactly like an American Thrash-Death Metal outfit should, and a right rude one at that. Atta Boyee ¡! to Jeff McAlear & Scott Angelacos @ High Five Studios in DeLand, Florida for the cracking production on “Pray for Death”.

rawk among us … Dani Bandoliers Spotify list of reviewed bands now at over 10 hours and 104 songs…

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Sleeper Awakens
2. Terror Mounts (Wretched Things)
3. 7,000,000 Years (Ancient Astronaut)
4. The Basement
5. Anti-God
6. One-Nine-Nine-Nine
7. The Mirror
8. Unspeakable Horror
Scott Angelacos - Vocals
Tom Crowther - Bass
Jeff McAlear - Drums
Brett Walker - Lead Guitar
Chris Hayden - Guitar
Record Label: Sludgelord Records


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