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Juniper Grave - Of Hellions and Harridans

Juniper Grave
Of Hellions and Harridans
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 24 December 2018, 1:25 AM

There is plenty of Doom & Stoner inspired or oriented bands out there nowadays. But female fronted ones are still lacking in my opinion and when I see one, I'm very interested in listening to it. Edinburgh's JUNIPER GRAVE is a great bluesy blend of psychedelia with interesting warm female vocals and a moody experience overall. Released on December 7th, they managed to play in a church for their album launch, which is a neat idea for a band that praises the mighty organ as an essential instrument through the album. "The Forest" is the first single with a video is available on Youtube. It’s a nice song and filmed indoor and partly outdoors. Now let's have a listen to the entire album, let the ceremony begin. At first i can say SABBATH ASSEMBLY fans would get pleased here.

"The Forest" is the first track. It’s very 70's, and Jenni's voice is accompanied with two backing vocals. The choruses are enchanting. Jenni sings very down to earth. The guitars are not complex, and the riffs are entertaining and moving. It is a well balanced song. Jenni's not overusing her voice, and I can feel that she can pull out a little more energy if she would, but showing a little moderation is kind of appealing too. A trick of the light sets a spellbounding ambiance. The riffs are a little more aggressive without denying the ambiance and the organ adds pretty much to the mood. It's walpurgis nacht every night with Jenni and her band. That one is more powerful, I really love it. The lyrics are very catchy and is ready for a live sing along.

"Daughter of the Waves" invites us with beautiful backing vocals and harmonies, and the organ here is a tribute to DEEP PURPLE the way its played. Fantasy related lyrics are embarking us to a journey into water and its mysteries. It’s quite good, with a very 70's flair in a modern world. It makes me want to drown eternally in these murky waters. Jenni's vocals have a little hard time gaining the higher notes sometimes but it’s quite good overall. "The Bridge between Worlds" tells a fantasy story about the dilemma of loving two worlds. It reminds me of Canada's Toronto based band BLOOD CEREMONY. This song shares good imagery and ambiance. The vocals are overwhelming, and reminds me of FLEETWOOD MAC's Stevie Nicks!

"Dance of the Daemon Queen" has an interesting intro with keyboards and gloomy chants .Darker than the other title for now, this one proposes a more deep approach and slower one. The vocals are the best yet…very spooky and intense. It’s some kind of dark ballad; almost Gothic in its approach. Some Gothic Rock lovers should like it. A witch chant offered to the daemon queen. If you like your rock occult and mysterious, with mature female vocals, more feminine oriented than masculine, with a 70's feel, nice drumming, and if your dream is to have WITCHCRAFT but with female members, this one's for you. JEX THOTH AND BLOOD CEREMONY fans welcome. And essentially, if you crave organ in your music, dive in that pond and drown yourself in the mysterious world of fantasy and spellbinding storytelling that JUNIPER GRAVE is.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Forest
2. A Trick Of The Light
3. Daughter Of The Waves
4. The Bridge Between Worlds
5. Dance Of The Daemon Queen
6. Lunar Callling
7. Rest With Your Dead
Jenni - Lead Vocals & Organ
Shonagh - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sarah - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jason - Drums
Record Label: Wasted State Records


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