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Jupiter Society - From Endangered To Extinct

Jupiter Society
From Endangered To Extinct
by Jake "The Snake" Rogge at 22 May 2014, 12:01 AM

T minus sixty seconds… strap yourselves in for a supersonic, outer space experience. Sweden’s Jupiter Society takes their special blend of Progressive Metal, and soars to new heights.  Most bands have a line-up of a guitarist or two (sometimes three if you’re IRON MAIDEN or LYNYRD SKYNYRD), a bassist a drummer and a vocalist. Well, Jupiter Society, kind of changes things and has not one, not two but three vocalists, then the norm of guitar, bass and drums…and then two keyboard players. I think that gives it and eclectic mix and gives them a great sound and vibe.

When the opening track of “From Endangered to Extinction” starts, “The Enemy March” I got goose bumps, I felt like I was being transposed into another dimension. This track had a great emphasis of Power Metal reminiscent of EPICA and NIGHTWISH.  “No Survivors” has a sweet jazzy kind of feel during the awesome melodic breakdown, then towards the end Dirk Verbeuren (drums) gives us some blast beats, once again adding to the fantastic sound that JUPITER SOCIETY creates.

At first glance you think that there are only six tracks and you’re getting screwed, well when the shortest song is over five minutes and the rest range from eight to twelve minutes you definitely get your money’s worth on “From Endangered to Extinct”

From the Beginning to the end, JUPITER SOCIETY gives you a pleasant, harmonious, sonic assault on your ear holes!! And the track list and way the songs unfold it is almost like a concept album of a space battle.

I thoroughly enjoyed the album and think you will, too. It’s got a good mix of fast and slow, strong and groovy, it gets you pumped and then makes you think. All elements of a great Progressive Metal album to me.

4 Star Rating

1. The Enemy March
2. Invasion
3. Queen of Armageddon
4. No Survivors
5. Fight Back
6. Defeat
Sebastian Blyberg - Bass (1,2,3,4)
Marcus Jidell - Lead Guitar (1,3,6)
Mats Leven - Vocals
Ulf Edelonn - Guitar
Cia Backman - Vocals
Carl Westholm - Keyboards
Oivin Tronstad - Vocals
Dirk Verbeuren - Drums
Peter Soderstrom - Guitar (5,6) Lead (5)
Stefan Fanden - Bass (1,6)
Leif Enling - Vocals (4) Bass (4)
Fredrik Akesson - Lead (4)
Record Label: Independent


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