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Jupiter Zeus - On Earth

Jupiter Zeus
On Earth
by Dorin Mandelbaum at 21 May 2014, 8:20 PM

JUPITER ZEUS is an Australian band of four members. Back in March they issued the album “On Earth”.

They call their style “Psychedelic rock with mammoth grooves” I’m not sure I’d describe their music that way, they tend to lean more towards the heavier side that isn’t common in psychedelic rock at all, and in my opinion they sound a lot more influenced by grunge than by psychedelic rock.

I’ll start with mentioning this album’s strong points: The riffs are very solid and are usually interesting at first glimpse. I sensed influences by ALICE IN CHAINS mostly in the harmonic vocals choice of some songs and the overall sound. In the heavier songs, the riff structure was very similar to classic BLACK SABBATH songs.

JUPITER ZEUS block of sound is powerful and impressive and prevails boldly with its massiveness.  It does not dissolve into a shady foggy sound, which is an easy slippery slope to fall into when playing with such a wall of sound like JUPITER ZEUS’ does, their sound remains clear as crystal. Also worth mentioning is the rhythm section, impeccable and tight.

Whenever there is a guitar solo played on any song from “On Earth”, it is literally the peak of the song, I’m not sure which of the band members plays the lead guitar because it’s not mentioned in their info, but the guitar solos are very interesting and show a very unique outlook on guitar solos in general. I have a tendency to dislike most common guitar solos that show ability, I get a bit of a “self-masturbation” feel from those, here was a totally different case, the solos were very well thought of, very original and genuine with the heart of the guitarist at the right place. Here ends the pros of “On Earth”. I am very upset to say that in overall I really didn’t enjoy the album and felt quite reluctant about having to listen to it several times in order to write this review. The cons of this album are mostly its lack of innovation, and its repetition.

There’s a sense of a continuous leading drone tone in most of the songs. The melody of each song keeps returning to the same note over and over again, at a certain point I even decided to conduct a small experiment and I skipped ahead a few seconds on each song, what caught my ear on most songs was just one prominent note the whole time, this is what I mean by the “drone tone” and the over repetition. This album lacks development within the song that is usually crucial genre-wise in psychedelic rock. I’m surprised they don’t classify themselves as drone rock/metal (some of their tracks are heavy enough to be considered metal like: “Psychotic Seeds” “Divinity” and “Co Creators”) don’t get me wrong though, drone rock/metal is an awesome genre and can be very interesting, but in this case I felt like there was no conviction in being this minimalistic and that there was no artistic justification behind not shifting much from that drone leading note.

When I mentioned the strong points of the album I mentioned the guitar solos as the best part of each song, unfortunately, the solos are always very short. If a couple of repeating riffs could have been omitted and replaced by a longer solo with its meaningful message, it could’ve given the album more redeeming qualities and a higher rating from me.

2 Star Rating

1. Waves
2. Over
3. Cosmic Rays
4. I Am
5. Psychotic Seeds
6. Talkback Caller
7. Divinity
8. The Sum of
9. Co-Creators
10. Waiting in a Line
11. State of Mind
Aidrian Vudrug - Drums
Simon Staltari - Guitar/Vocals
Jeremy Graham - Bass
Michael Lawson - Guitar
Record Label: Magnetic Eye Records


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