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Jyrki69 – American Vampire Award winner

American Vampire
by Will Travers at 30 April 2022, 1:03 AM

JYRKI 69 is almost a staple in the Gothic Rock genre, having been a member of both THE 69 EYES and THE 69 CATS throughout his illustrious career. However, now he has decided to put out a solo album containing some original and some over tracks, it has received some rave reviews so far and I am seriously looking forward to getting into this! The artwork for this track is striking, it is dark and macabre and I really really like it!

Opening is “Sexdrugsrock’n’roll” and the high octane introduction to the record gets the blood pumping. Driving forwards at a break neck speed and Jyrki’s distinctive deep vocals working in tandem with a relentless riffage. What’s not to like?! JEFFERSON AEROPLANE’s “White Rabbit” is a tricky track to recreate and do it justice, but is that a deterrent or a challenge? Well, it appears to be the latter and I must say that it is really well done. It still keeps the mysticism of the original, but adds a darker twist that compliments the lyrics superbly.

The titular “American Vampire” is a dark and beautifully melodic track, the chorus is anthemesque and I can see a crowd really enjoying this one live. In fact, I had the pleasure of seeing FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM towards the tail end of last year, throughout the set I can recall the venue filling with smoke and the stage had become almost unviewable. But the silhouettes moving about the stage, coupled with the music were so astounding that it will remain with me forever. Now, you may ask why do I mention this, but I feel that this track would fit into that environment perfectly.

The classic Synthpop track “Don’t You Want Me” has been long adopted within the Gothic sub cultures as a favourite on club nights etc. However, Jyrki has taken it a step further and created his own spin on the song. The meld of Pop meets Goth with the synths / industrial style and Jyrki / Tiffany’s contrasting vocals really makes this version their own and I am loving it. Closing the record is “Last Dance” and as I had hoped it really is a dark and twisted track, a beautiful blend of Gothic and Industrial, those two sub genres that complement one another so well. I could almost believe that it was a cover of a NINE INCH NAILS track, and I am really really loving it.

Overall, this is a fantastic release. But with the experience and knowledge that Jyrki has I had no real doubts that it would be. The bold choices to attempt some of the covers and make them his own have really paid off and it has left a mark on me that will not soon leave I am sure.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Sexdrugsrock’n’roll (featuring Shotgun Messiah)
2. Whit Rabbit (featuring Steve Stevens)
3. Dreamtime (featuring Rosetta Stone)
4. Bite It You Scum (featuring Leæther Strip)
5. American Vampire
6. Don’t You Want Me (featuring Tiffany & DK-Zero)
7. Decision (featuring The KVB)
8.Deviant Carousel (featuring Xiu Xiu)
9. Clover (featuring Youlooktired)
10. Last Dance (featuring Not My God)
Jyrki 69 – Vocals
Various featured artists as detailed in the track listing
Record Label: Atomic Fire Records


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Edited 07 February 2023

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