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Michael Bormann’s Jaded Hard – Power to Win

Michael Bormann’s Jaded Hard
Power to Win
by Fred “Cage” Bonanno at 28 November 2022, 3:48 PM

Michael Bormann was the singer, songwriter, and charismatic leader of Germany’s melodic rock band JADED HEART from 1990 to 2004 before he parted ways, spread his wings, and released five solo albums and also producing over forty albums during his thirty-six-year career. While his former bandmates retained rights to the original band name, Bormann didn’t stray too far when he formed JADED HARD in 2017. Releasing their debut album in 2019 “Feels Like Yesterday” following up with the most current effort “Power To Win” released October 28, 2022 on RDM Records, founded by none other than Michael Bormann himself. Singer, songwriter, producer, and record company owner is a pretty impressive resume. I am excited to see what this musical Superman will bring to the turntable. Up, up, and away.

The album opens with a nice moody start on “Nothing but a Photograph” before kicking into hear gear with pleasing, straightforward rocking riff matched with clean, brazen vocals of Bormann and infectious harmonizing all shackled together with a tasty guitar solo. The title track “Power to Win”  opens with a tease of keys leading to more meaty vocals and a nice traditional rock riff with engaging melody and beat. I believe I found the twin of Jon Bon Jovi, vocally and musically, the similarity is uncanny. So far, this album is a retro throw back to 80’s hair metal era, not a problem with me, because it’s done extremely well. As I continue on listening, we’ll see if they stay course or veer off the path a little. “Heaven” is a notch above a rock ballad but a nice ear-friendly song with simple chorus and tempo that highlights the impressive harmonizing of the band. I knew there would be a sappy love ballad lurking, and “Just Wanna Fall in Love” is it, as it opens with nice, somber soft keys under Bormann expressing his feelings in an emotional delivery “she said don’t wanna fall in love, it’s over again, nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, just wanna fall in love”, and ends with a soothing guitar solo. The album concludes with a political statement on today’s chaotic world we all call earth on “We Must Make a Stand” is the longest song at over seven minutes and could have easily been done in half the time,  it’s a somber song with mellow guitar and backing accompaniment paced with heartfelt vocals that sends a message we’ve all heard before “dangerous times, there’s danger on earth, but in the end there’s no winner, sent out to fight, sent out to die, because of some stupid leaders, we must take a stand”

I could have easily saved myself time by just copying and pasting the same review of each song. This album is a picture perfect, cookie cutter blueprint from the 80’s hair metal era. Catchy melodies, classic riffs, searing but brief guitar solos, tasty harmonizing, and velvety lead vocals. As I mentioned earlier in this review that Michael Bormann must have been separated at birth from Jon Bon Jovi. This must sound like I’m going down a negative road, but just the opposite, I truly and truthfully enjoyed the crap out of this album. The best way to describe this album is simple, it’s a “rocking feel good” listen. Well done, Superman.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability:  8
Production : 7

4 Star Rating

1. Nothing But A Photograph
2. Power To Win
3. Our Sweet Lullaby
4. Heaven
5. When I Look Un Your Eyes
6. A Step Away From Heaven
7. Just Wanna Fall in Love
8. Little White Lies
9. Domino
10. When She’s Good
11. Wrong And Right
12. We Must Make A Stand
Michael Bormann - lead & backing vocals, guitar
Chris Ivo - keyboards, backing vocals
Maikel Müller - drums
Christoph Baumeister - bass, backing vocals
Tommy Dahlem  - lead guitar, backing vocals
Record Label: RMB Records


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Edited 02 February 2023

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