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Kaamos Warriors – Spirit from the Void Award winner

Kaamos Warriors
Spirit from the Void
by Gary Hernandez at 22 May 2022, 9:28 PM

KAAMOS WARRIORS hail from Northern Finland. They formed in 2018 and as of April 8, 2022 they now have four studio full-length albums. I was first exposed to the band in 2019 when I reviewed their second album, “Shadows of Northern Chaos.” I gave them a solid 8/10 and noted that I was interested to see how they would evolve. In 2020, the year of our plague, they released their third album, “Kirous,” which a colleague of mine here at Metal Temple reviewed, landing them a 9/10. So here comes #4. This is the test, right? This should be the album where I can definitively find out if KAAMOS WARRIORS are a momentary flash of brilliance, or if they have been able to advance, or at least sustain, their impact over time. If you don’t want to read to the end, I can give you the short answer here: “Spirit from the Void” is yet another incredible offer from KAAMOS WARRIORS. They have clearly proven themselves as stalwart exemplars of the Dark Art, carving out a distinctive sound with the harmonies of Melodic Black, the classical touches of Dark Symphonic, and intellect/spirit of Black Metal. As soon as “Spirit from the Void” came to a close I hit repeat and have been stuck in that cycle for weeks now.

Spirit from the Void” comprises nine tracks and runs just over 35 minutes. The album kicks off abruptly with “In Blood and Spirit.” When I say abruptly, I mean almost mid-note, like you just walked in on the track doing something murderously wrong.  Curiously, from that abrupt start the track becomes progressively more melodic and introspective until it finally drifts out with a piano and synth outro. “Vapous,” track two, also has as startling kick off—this time with stampeding drums—which again cascade into a more melodic cadence. In fact, this collocation of the harsh and the soothing is prevalent throughout the entire album. Haunting melodies hook into your soul while visceral riffs claw for equal purchase. All the while the vocals of Mikko Ojala sound like they should unnerve you with its harsh, guttural tonality, but simple repetitive lyrics work similar to a chant or invocation and quickly become soothing in their familiarity. The synth layers and choral harmonies sometimes help to ease the discord; other times, like in “Varjojen Vaeltaja,” they work to roil the waters. Btw, Google wants to translate to “Varjojen Vaeltaja” to “hiker of shadows.” Maybe shadow walker?

My favorite tracks begin with “Into Thy Light.” This track is immense in its dark gravitas. The melodic tremolo, the chilling chorals, and the acoustic interludes work with the harsher elements of the track to rile it into an epic pitch. “Surun Mustat Siivet” (trans: black wings of sorrow) could be a sister track to “Into Thy Light.” Another gorgeous slab of melancholic fever. “In Blood and Spirit,” of course, is a standout as is “Vapous.” In fact, I loved all the tracks on this album.

KAAMOS WARRIORS have now reached that point where people will start lumping them into large subgenres and describing their sound as “like this band” or “adjacent to that band” or “reminiscent of fill-in-the-blank.” The step after that will be people describing other bands as derivative of KAAMOS WARRIORS. Maybe that’s an enviable position, maybe not—but for the right now, I think we call all agree that KAAMOS WARRIORS has demonstrated immense staying power. They have four very good albums, and “Spirit from the Void” indicates their trajectory is nothing but upwards.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1.  In Blood and Spirit
2.  Vapaus
3.  The Flames of the Dragon
4.  Varjojen vaeltaja
5.  Tyhjyyden kulkija
6.  Into Thy Light
7.  Chamber of the Stars
8.  Catacombs of Existence
9.  Surun mustat siivet
Jani Moilanen – Guitars, guitars (acoustic)
Mikko Ojala – Vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards
Jyri Moilanen – Bass
Record Label: Inverse Records


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Edited 07 July 2022

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