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Kadaverdisciplin - Death Supremacy

Death Supremacy
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 19 October 2017, 9:25 PM

No articulation, no complexity, just sheer straightforward attacking force that its tracks will run down, crush and obliterate any resistance coming its way, whether friend or foe, it is a goner. In their battlefield there is no such thing as taking prisoners, they are driven by fumes of an endless conflict, this is the new Swedish Black Metal act KADAVERDISCIPLIN. Bred by a pact of extreme Metal musicians, hailing from various bands, the famous of them being another warmonger monstrosity, MARDUK, the new force gradually formed their foundation of modern based Black Metal while harnessing the merits of the early 90s as their primary weapons. Newly signed to the Dutch extreme workshop of Hammerheart Records, the foursome landed their debut “Death Supremacy”. After the record met my eager eardrums, those were never the same, on a positive note of course.

It didn’t take long for the sonic thunderstorm to rupture my senses, whether old school or modern, KADAVERDISCIPLIN hit straight on, with a powerful force without mercy. Right from the start I could notice the high quality production set for the album, polished, neatly clean, yet immensely deadly sound. Nothing that hasn’t been made in contemporary Black Metal to be honest, but you can’t argue with the overall quality of the studio work made. Musically, KADAVERDISCIPLIN the rawness of the subgenre, in particular the fast paced blast beat ad riff manias, reliving the earlier years but with a much user friendly experience, which means the implementation of actual growl sung choruses and hooking melodies. Furthermore, I liked the fact that the songwriting became diverse, enabling the band to explore further into the subgenre’s dark atmosphere. Thankfully, their experience allowed them to come up with some bright ideas of how to captivate the listener to their tunes.

With the decomposing of the bodies of the dead in the battlefield, and no they won’t rise to eat the living, “Feeding the Flies” swarmed into existence with the first buzz. KADAVERDISCIPLIN tended their aggressiveness well, channeling brutality in such a sense that is almost spiritual. “One Hundred Days” marches into the belly of oblivion, like machine gun fire, it rips and shreds, in a way it reminded me a bit of the latest GOD DETHRONED albums. “Frozen Meadows” is a sort of a change of seasons in comparison to most of the album’s featured material, displaying a different approach that resulted in a slow to mid tempo tune, an actual chorus that is quite memorable alongside well written melodic riffs. “Death Supremacy” and “The White Death” are the mere essence of the band’s destructive nature, a pride of the Scandinavian Black Metal forces as MARDUK and WATAIN, yet with a decisively made fast paced riffing and the skinning alive of drums, purely bestial attacks. Others recommended: “Mother Of Defeat”, “Landscapes Of Burning Limbs” and the DARKTHRONE cover for “Under a Funeral Moon”.

Whether in sound or songwriting abilities, KADAVERDISCIPLIN channeled a promise, a surging power within the extreme Metal scene in the Norse lands. They have their way with the old heritage but attempted to expand their influence further. Be sure to prepare yourself well before entering.

Purchase Link: Hammerheart Records

4 Star Rating

1. Death Supremacy
2. The White Death
3. Longing For Winter
4. Mother Of Defeat
5. Frozen Meadows
6. Cyanide Finale
7. Död Och Förödelse
8. Landscapes Of Burning Limbs
9. One Hundred Days
10. Ripping Wounds
11. Leading Them (Through The Pearly Gates)
12. Feeding the Flies
13. Under a Funeral Moon (Darkthrone Cover)
13. Cursed in Eternity (Mayhem Cover)
Jimmie Nyhlén - Vocals
Antti Kurvinen - Guitars
Pelle Fransson - Guitars
Fredrik Widigs - Drums
Record Label: Hammerheart Records


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