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Kadima - All Birds Deserve to Fly

All Birds Deserve to Fly
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 28 March 2020, 9:19 AM

KADIMA is based on the idea the music seeks to transcend and move forward in progressive fashion. Founded by guitarist Aidan Israel, he was inspired by many Progressive Rock and Metal giants. “All Birds Deserve to Fly” is a concept album around issues of mental health. The album contains seven tracks.

“Here and Where” opens with spoken words, and a dreamy atmosphere. As the sound develops, warm tones mix in, giving the song a certain charm and appeal. Aidan talks about our challenges, but the determination of the human spirit will overcome. A guitar solo springs up as the song begins to wind down. “Bound and Tethered” hears the earlier melody continue on, with some heavy guitar accents and a scream. Kaylee’s vocals are rich and sort of bluesy. The cadence of the music swells and slows, as the emotions in the lead guitar takes over. What a lovely piece of music here!

“Guiding Paths” features harmonic vocals and a sense of hope. “We will shine. Love and peace for this world. No more racing thoughts unbound” she croons. When Kaylee reaches the upper ranges of her voice, the results are quite powerful and poignant. As the song starts to close, a guitar solo leads the charge, and how dexterous it is, indeed. “Scratching and Clawing” is much darker in scope. Here they talk about the fight of mental health, the fears and doubts. The music marches along together, with a somber and melancholy tone. Anger and rage are echoed in her vocals. At times she mellows a bit, allowing the music to flow easier. By the end, you hear more hope than despair in the music…though the fight is very real.

“All Birds Deserve to Fly” is more of a dreamy ethereal song, with Kaylee’s comforting voice soothing you, calling out to you. “Glimmer with fire, shine on ablaze, closeness desire, to feel love” are the closing lyrics. “Love and Desolation” close the album, on a positive note. The mood is jovial and hopeful. The guitar work here is again fantastic. Maybe we made it through everything in the end. I would be remiss if I did not talk about the production value here…for an independent release, it is quite good and clear.

Overall, I think the final song is key to the album as a whole, at least the title. What comes through best for me is the struggle of mental health, and the bevy of emotions it takes you through…anger, hate, self-doubt, and fear, but also light and hope. The songs echo the sentiment in the music, and the way the tracks seem to flow naturally across the themes of the album are strong. The band has all the elements of being successful…starting with the charming but powerful vocals of Kaylee and Aidan’s active and robust sense of guitar work and compositional skills. They let the melody do the talking here, an obvious thing that many goods bands miss.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

Purchase link:

4 Star Rating

1. Here and Where
2. Bound and Tethered
3. Guiding Paths
4. Lights and Vessels
5. Scratching and Clawing
6. All Birds Deserve to Fly
7. Love and Desolation
Aidan Israel – Guitars, Spoken Word
Sam Mendoza – Guitars
Kaylee Jorene – Vocals
Nick Mea – Drums
Eric Guenther – Keyboards
Isaac Luger – Bass
Nikitus Perez – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 05 June 2020

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