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Kafirun - Death Worship (Reissue)

Death Worship (Reissue)
by Julius "Dredheart" Mikkela at 19 August 2014, 8:42 PM

KAFIRUN is a 4-piece Black Metal band spawned in Vancouver, Canada with the purpose of spreading unholy, unwavering and unapologetic Black Metal upon this world, and has now debuted with the 3-track demo EP “Death Worship”. Have they with this entry into the Metal world taken that first important step towards achieving their goal? Well… maybe.

See, I say ‘maybe’ because as far as ‘true’ Black Metal goes, this is a pretty good debut that actually manage to not sound dated and uninspired; something that far too many Black Metal releases cannot live up to. It’s by no means comparable to the cold, unholy wrath of the Black Metal titans, but definitively a distinct nudge above the mediocrity of the majority of their peers. Much of this is thanks to KAFIRUN’s Atmospheric and almost Melodic approach to Black Metal, which makes their music actually convey those dark emotions that surge through Black Metal as opposed to hiding them behind that tiresome wall of indistinguishable noise that we’ve been hearing for decades now, that captures that evil and unholy spirit that has made Black Metal into what it is today. And for extra points KAFIRUN has managed to embrace and infuse some healthy Doom Metal elements into their music, especially on the first track “Beyond The Flesh Vessel”, which gives the music the variety it needs to avoid becoming tiresome.

So as far as the theory behind the music goes, KAFIRUN has with “Death Worship” formed a rather rock-solid recipe for a modern yet classically tinted Black Metal mayhem capable of both drawing attention and maintaining it. And with that recipe they’ve written 3 solid songs that would make any of their underground Black Metal peers jealous. Now the execution is lacking, but given that this is a demo record it’s actually somewhat impressive that they’ve managed to pull through with such a, dare I say, clear sound on a Black Metal record. Hell, I’ve heard expensively produced albums with worse recording quality and direction than this demo, so yeah I’m impressed.

In the end though, “Death Worship” by itself is not ready to conquer any world. It’s good, but not so good that it’ll invade itself into your mind and force upon you a prolonged stay. You’ll listen to it, probably nod your head in approval, maybe give it a second spin for good measure, and then discard it. For a fully-fledged EP or CD, that would be a not-so-great thing, but for a debut demo, it’s a big bloody deal. Demos are supposed to prove that a band doesn’t suck and might be worth giving a proper chance, but “Death Worship” is actually worth listening to – maybe even more than once – and that’s huge for a demo recording! The promise that this demo builds up for the, as I see it inevitable, full-length first record is massive, and I can say that I’ll have the name KAFIRUN at the back of my mind from now on because come the day these guys record that full-length album, it has all the potential to become a killer album.

3 Star Rating

1. Beyond The Flesh Vessel
2. Killer of All Man
3. Thousand Spears
Hanephi - Guitar
Luzifaust - Vocals
Corpus Vile - Drums
Hypnocrotizer - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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