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Kaligula – Doctrination Of Atisamdha Award winner

Doctrination Of Atisamdha
by Ricardo “Lebzul” Brenes at 28 March 2021, 6:28 PM

Since 2007 this Indonesian act has been terrifying the underground with their extreme sonic ammunition. “Doctrination Of Atisamdha” is their newest effort. Ten anthems of extremity.

The album starts with “Candala” a song that leaves no doubt about what you’re about to experience, a short intro of a woman being stabbed prepares you for the blood-splattered straight-into action wave of sound that is to come. Aggressive Death Metal takes the center stage yet there are furious blast that cross the line into Grind mode, which I love. Drums sound like a machine gun and the strings sound fat and crunchy. Vocals fit the style perfectly and sound not too guttural, sometimes reminding me of CANNIBAL CORPSE during the Barnes era, something that I especially felt at times during “Retorika Elite”, honestly the vocals are possibly an in-between of Barnes and Corpsegrinder, and so is the music that flows along with it, (a mix of old and new CC) so, to me, this is very enjoyable.

“Idealis Para Pergmansa” boasts with simple, yet effective technicality, a track that spares no time dwelling into mid-tempos or dark passages, it also includes some melodies and solos that just add up to the greatness in technical simplicity while the follow-up track: “Ati Samdha” after a hypnotic/meditative intro jams into pure Slam riffing and then back into the trance… as if to give your neck a small rest.

Other tracks that display some skillful guitar playing and impressive drumming are “Doktrin Disorientasi” and “Catastrophe” which along with “Warfare” have a taste of NILE. In these two songs, a few vocal changes are used, which I would have liked to hear more constantly along the album, since I think it sound pretty fitting and creates a more colorful sound, “Catastrophe” is one of my favorite tracks on the release.

If you like aggressive Death Metal, no mid-tempo or slamming stuff, this is for you. KALIGULA have put out a record completely infused with pure violence and straight to the point rawness. Recommended for both Technical and Old School DM fans.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  10
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Candala
2. Retorika Elite
3. Enigma Genocide
4. Idealis Para Pemangsa
5. Ati Samdha
6. Doktrin Disorientasi
7. Serdadu Apatis
8. Catastrophe
9. Warfare
10. Titik Nadir
Bayu – Vocals
Dobler – Guitars
Vandeath – Guitars
Wahyoe – Bass
Monot – Drums
Record Label: Brutal Mind Records


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