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Kalopsia - Angelplague Award winner

by Craig Rider at 10 August 2017, 11:03 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: KALOPSIA; signed via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, hailing from the United States of America - performing Death Metal, on their 3rd album entitled “Angelplague” (released March 31st, 2017).

Since formation in 1999; the quintet in question have 2 albums behind them, I'm introduced to their 3rd deliverance - “Angelplague”. Death Metal; what better way to unleash your inner hate on - by plugging your earphones in, and extinguishing those negative thought patterns that drive you crazy. KALOPSIA are your gateway to heaven as well as hell in a gloriously produced formula of insufferable instrumentation as well as detestable musicianship, of course this is relishing to us Metalheads - only casual listeners may find this all too much to bear witness. 8 intense tracks ranging at around 37:05, you can bet your ass that this album will provide a substantial amount of old school Death Metal brutality. “Destined To Return” begins the record and as a Death Metal fanatic; I am already pleased with the opening result, savagely composed distinctions shroud you with a powerful feeling of supremacy at your eardrums - right off the bat.

Consisting of powerhouse crushers – Justin Spaeth on drums & Drew on bass, both excel at consistently crafted, complex rhythmic arrangements at their wake. Advancing to the next song “As The Serpent Devours”, this is evidently clear as their structure is filled with vehemence as the songwriting edges to more enlightening destruction and dominance at the mere presence of your composure.

Dexterous duo - Steve Horvath on guitars & Matt Medeiros who also performs on vocals which consist of a typical guttural aesthetic albeit constructive and progressive at the same time, the guitarists showcase efficient amounts of groovy yet a chaotic sound production that's filled with fulfilling robustness and vigor. “Christened Upon The Slab” is a malicious brute, filled with organic attributes that flourish with a stimulating substance that's electrifying and thunderous at the same time - chugging beats and galloping roars has a relentless motivation in which has proficiently driven mayhem built in for that ultimate Death Metal experience. There is a lot technicality in the next song “Not Peace But Pestilence”, furiously compulsive excitement with hard-hitting rage; excessive drum kicks and extremely hardcore vocalization pummels you right in the face as you headbang with full force, thrashing your fists with power.

Scorched Earth And Blackened Skies” has more melodic cords and harmonic, technical characteristics in which transition with flamboyant prominence and intricately designed coherency. KALOPSIA are filled with a formulaic that crushes the soul with distinguishable salubriousness, as “Source Of My Evil” compels you to open a circular pit - running around it until the song dismisses, it will ultimately leave you wanting more.

Surge Of Terror” compiles more groovy beats, and ferociously technical advancements of machinery velocity. Agonizing screams of death while growling with the most angriest of intentions  puts you in a state of hardcore territory, the overall lyrical theme is simply gore - there is nothing but vigorously persistent anguish in “Angelplague” and if you're a veteran Metalhead, this will simply serve as a beneficial experience…superficial newcomers may want to avoid - as the occurrence may prove too much for you. Concluding the record with the hastily barbaric “Bitter Sacraments” the quartet evidently have outdone themselves with this one, KALOPSIA make sure that you are listening to the most sinister record of the year - this is abundantly true after my first listen, and I can't stress more to have you listen to it also. Highly recommended for fans of SINISTER, MALEVOLENT CREATION & MORBID ANGEL - to name a few.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Sound Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Destined To Return
2. As The Serpent Devours
3. Christened Upon The Slab
4. Not Peace But Pestilence
5. Scorched Earth And Blackened Skies
6. Source Of My Evil
7. Surge Of Terror
8. Bitter Sacraments
Justin Spaeth - Drums
Steve Horvath - Guitars
Matt Medeiros - Vocals, Guitars
Drew - Bass
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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