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Kamala - Eyes Of Creation Award winner

Eyes Of Creation
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 23 February 2018, 12:11 PM

Sometimes, as a human being and not as a Metalhead, all I ask of a Metal band, in any genre it plays, to have a more positive and high spirited insight of its own musical work. Sorry, but fairytales based on Tolkien’s books, senile social criticisms (with a left hand or right hand insight, and sometimes without any concern about the human race, just with the band’s political insight), or satanic/pagan childish themes (sorry, but you are repeating the same kind of lyrics again and again) bores me, and I truly believe that many others have the same idea. Where’s the positive power? When did Metal become a senile complaining old man? Did we all forget the teachings of Kai Hansen?

There are days when I really want to throw it all aside, tired and bored of such negativism into Metal (It’s something personal, but I must say it). In those days, I remember of bands like Brazilian Thrash Metal trio KAMALA, from Campinas (SP). They have this positive insight I mean on their lyrics, and it permeates their music, and this is what you can find on “Eyes of Creation”, their new album.

Since their latest album, “Mantra”, the band changed the line-up: Estavan Furlan left the band, and Isabela Moraes took his place. Musically, the trio is playing with a sensible melodic insight and the dry aggressiveness from their earlier works is back. But the experimental elements from “Mantra” are still here (as the harp on “Internal Peace”, played by Corentin Charbonnier and recorded by Simon Pascual; and the didgeridoo on “Purpose in Life” was played by Victor Martins), enriching even more their furious and aggressive Thrash Metal musical format. Yes, they are creating something particular that has the band’s face.

What I mean: they gave a step ahead with “The Eyes of Creation”.

Produced, recorded, engineered, edited, mixed and mastered by the hands of Guilherme Malosso (who was assisted by Yuri Camargo at Estúdio RG in the city of Americana), “The Eyes of Creation” has an amazing sound quality. It’s clear and dry, what makes the harsh Thrash Metal side of their music evident, and it works in the same way for the songs’ melodic lines. But they have chosen something that sounds with a “live” feeling (you won’t find a rhythmic guitar playing during the solos). The artwork for the cover is a fine and lovely work from Felipe Rostodella. All the nine songs of “Eyes of Creation” are excellent, bearing a positive energy that hooks the listener.

Acoustic guitar melodies introduce gently the furious “Internal Peace”, a Thrash Metal blow that has a melodic chorus, with excellent work from bass guitar and drums. Using a technical insight, “Stay with Me” shows excellent tempos and that charming riffs of Thrash Metal (and a lot of modern Groove can be heard). A modern and abrasive feeling fills “Open Door”, a song with fine rhythmic work, along with excellent vocals (pay attention to the use of two vocals to create an aggressive contrast). Some accessible melodic lines can be heard on “Something to Learn” that fits perfectly on the song. The didgeridoo parts can be heard on the beginning of the heavy and abrasive “Purpose of Life” (even the narrative effects reinforce the bitter weight of the slow tempos). “Believe” has an aggressive insight, but always with that modern groove influences (and an excellent work from bass guitar and drums once more), the same elements that you’ll find on “Deep Breath” (that bears some experimental parts, and has the drums played by Marcus Dotta). Even with its aggressiveness, the instrumental “Eyes of Creation” is another song that has some accessible parts that can be assimilated by any Metal fan. “Wake Up” begins with acoustic clean guitars, than some darker and introspective parts appears, and then, a perfect mix between melodic structures and an aggressive and modern feeling takes over.

Yes, on “Eyes of Creation”, KAMALA came to conquer. They are preparing for a new European tour for the first half of this year. Don’t miss their gigs, and buy this album as soon as you can!

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Internal Peace
2. Stay with Me
3. Open Door
4. Something to Learn
5. Purpose of Life
6. Believe
7. Deep Breath
8. Eyes of Creation
9. Wake Up
Raphael Olmos - Guitars, Vocals, Samples, Nylon Acoustic Guitars
Allan Malavasi - Bass, Vocals
Isabela Moraes - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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