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Kamikabe - Aberration Of Man Award winner

Aberration Of Man
by Salvador Aguinaga II at 03 December 2012, 8:18 PM

When I listen to music I hardly ever pay attention to lyrics. It is ambiguous, it trails to the back of my head without my ability to truly comprehend the message behind them. Actions speak not words. This is the way it is. The voice carries the message not the lyrics themselves. This is mostly true but not all the time. This is one of those cases as the vocals don’t come off as anything special. I’m almost certain that many of you will not like them. However don’t fret as the musicality carries the total package. Vocals in this case, break new ground for this act from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I only bring up lyrics for the reason that there could be meaning in them beyond the typical agendas. Let me explain with their representation of themselves, KAMIKABE. The translation is tough as I’m not a native to Asian culture but roughly “kami” could mean “divine” and “kabe” could mean “wall”. Being an antitheist, I can see that the interpretation is that man is destroying itself. Clues being the title, “Aberration Of Man” and the album art. Look at the damage caused upon the surface of our beautiful planet. All in the name of people believing in a supreme being, it is scary it blinds and puts this wall in front of our nature, it is an aberration.

Technical Death Metal, it sure is rising isn’t it? Well, yeah I will agree but these guys have that extra spice, that hint of something boiling ready to pop up and latch on to you and feed off your energy. What makes music so exciting is the fact of listening to more and more and finding acts that explore new terrain or find their own special mix. In order to do that you have to be comfortable with genres. As silly as it might seem to some they exist for a reason. Metal isn’t something you can easily get in to, you have to work at it and it’s fun, worth it, and lets you have a blast categorizing anything that comes your way. “Aberration Of Man” is its own special mix.

While the vocals aren’t perfect or special, it helps boost the formula. Hardcore vocals most of the time but keep listening and on “Only The Dead Rest” you get goregrind vocals, they’re also on another track but I couldn’t remember which one. These guys, however, aren’t afraid to dig into terrain that’s mass hated like mini Deathcore sections on “Leprous Divinity” and a breakdown that isn’t over emphasized on “Nefarious”. It’s not forcibly stuck in there in a “copy & paste” matter but it actually fits the chemistry with the song’s structure. A fine demonstration on using a breakdown but also the collaborative teamwork of Max Short and Jake Smatana manipulating the tides of the song before it reaches its stagnant end with their twin guitar technical riffs. “The Process Within”, being my personal fave, also uses teamwork bringing out the best in each other. This time Matt Rucinski is also involved, playing differently but connecting with the guitars in an elegant way. Guitars even depart, slightly disperse and rejoin having the bass come in the middle of the action. “Sufferer” would have to be the track that refines the mix, kicking in the punch, giving you the diversity of styles. While giving you a display of technical prowess, the guitars take the time to develop and deliver slower death metal riffs. It balances and catalyses technicality to distribute more efficiently. Strategizing with groovy licks that ripens into Grindcore riffs. Severe brutality and using that colossal impact to bear a brutal slamming riff artistically.

BJ Sarnese creates the foundation to such a great album. It would’ve not been the same without his effort. If you are a fan of all the discography of DECAPITATED and its tendency to adapt to any circumstance then I recommend KAMIKABE’s “Aberration Of Man”. Give it a try, I know it won’t please all but I definitely found something new and refreshing here.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Leprous Divinity
3. The Rot
4. Sufferer
5. The Process Within
6. Interlude
7. Nefarious
8. Magure
9. Only the Dead Rest
10. Ungoliant
Max Short- Guitar
Jake Smatana- Guitar
Matt Rucinski- Bass
BJ Sarnese- Drums
Matt Grossi- Vocals
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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