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Kamizol-K – Awakening

by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 21 January 2020, 10:15 AM

KAMIZOL-K is mixed sex 6-member Hardcore band hailing from Lyon, France. The band draw their inspiration from DIR EN GREY IMMORTAL, CONVERGE and DILLENGER ESCAPE PLAN, and the styles of crushing riffs from them. KAMIZOL-K deliver a powerful and aggressive sound vocally and instrumentally. KAMIZOL-K started up in 2017 and are known for their unique approach to music and energetic live performances, with having preformed at the likes of Hellfest and Skyla., Let us see what the hype is all about…

Watch Out” starts off in a similar to bands like SHARPTOOTH do with their aggressive punk starts, although this one has a male vocal added, which really adds depth and volume to the song. The tempo is set to high levels and going through the gears nicely. There is even some decent lower growls, which add further intensity, which is picked up by the instrumentalist very well into the melody. Just from this song you know it is going to be a great album, the intensity levels are spiking, you can feel it building. It is a true Hardcore sound like that of bands such as LIONHEART and YOUR DEMISE. Watch out is a perfect name for the song, so do not say they did not warn you!

Dlc” continues with the high intensity on the instrumental sides of things, along with the vocal outbursts. It is certainly a raw sound, no synthesizing for unnecessary needs, which as music fans we appreciate. The instrumentalists have a few more technical outbursts, which progress the sound really well. The aggression behind the vocals is very much out there, but never feels like it is trying to outshine not only the instrumentalists, but also each other, which is great thing to hear because you the band woks as a team

69 Forces” starts slower, thicker. More of a Death or Doom style, however, it soon picks up. Not the most frantic start, but it is steady enough to build a decent melody. Heads will still bang. Personally, I think they could have speed things up, add a bit more guitar like a HATEBREED style song, just a thought. It’s not a bad song, just for me it needed to match the album’s pace a bit more. “Sinner” picks the pace back up once more. The beat is decent; the tempo goes well to build a melody that has enough aggression that it takes the songs to a good level. The vocals are easy enough to follow, they have the post-hardcore vibe at times, but the instrumental harmonies build it up faster to make the overall sound almost a Metalcore song, but the aggression keeps it in the Hardcore lines. Good song

Betrayer” continues the high strung pace. The short vocal outbursts run well with the snappy melodies being created from the instrumentalists, it feels like it is building up to something. It is a catchy beat thrown together, could have exploded into life a bit more, but the progressive sounds work nicely. This song could have exploded in the middle and created an entire new sound, but the song continued with what they know works. “Running Dead” has a catchy start to it; it has another aggressive start vocally, which should have been expanded on from an instrumental perspective to match. It sounds like the melody is building up to something, but that does not arrive, they play it safe again. It is unfortunate that it doesn’t explode or go into new depths.

KAMIZOL-K will have a new release soon, so keep an eye out. From the new release, I’m looking for a bit more edgier sounds, off the rails a bit, more experimental. That is what this album lacks, but you can hear the potential. This was just a taster of improved things to follow.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Watch Out
3. Dlc
4. 69 Forces
5. Sinner
6. Betrayer
7. Running Dead
Lionel –Vocals
Marie –Vocals
Gaëtan – Guitars
Nicolas – Bass Guitar
Kevin – Guitars
Anthony – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 18 September 2020

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