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Kanonenfieber - Menschenmühle

by Andrew Harvey at 05 September 2021, 3:30 PM

KANONENFIEBER is actually a one man band by a musician known as NOISE since his real name is not known. This multi-talented individual went on to set up another project called LEIþA earlier this year in 2021. But his previous and debut solo project called KANONENFIEBER which actually translates as ‘cannon fever’ in German, was set up in 2020, the sound of KANONENFIEBER is a fusion of black and death metal. As the project is still new, this solo project by one man released his debut album titled MENSCHENMÜHLE which translates to the word meaning; ‘human mill’.

This album is actually based on the events and commemorates those who fought during World War 1. The lyrical content is taken from “factual reports, letters and other documents from the surviving and deceased soldiers”. This album starts with “Die Feuertaufe” which is translated as ‘the baptism of fire’, opens with slow, mellow guitar playing and a backdrop of spoken word montage. The vocals may be heard as excessive but it’s very well arranged with the black metal contrast in soloistic or pulsating excerpts. We can also hear the slow guitar rhythm pouring over the heavier sections.

Onto the second track in line “Dicke Bertha” translates as the famous howitzer ‘Big Bertha’ introduces us to the flip side of the project with death metal. The guitar shrieks on the occasion and brings out the sustained staccato discord into the mix. There is less vocals in the instrumental sections to allow the other instruments to flourish more. The vocals are succumbed by the rampage of guitar & drums, but ending with miscellaneous sound effects.

“Die Schlacht Bei Tannenberg” the next instalment of this album is much longer than their previous or upcoming tracks. This track starts off subtle with guitar picking propelling into more black metal colliding with pounding drums, sustained vocals and tremors of death metal too. “Der Letzte Flug” includes the sounds of airplanes flying about as if the mix of black/death metal shatters the audio spectrum. The split or separation of guitar parts into two are aligned, very well to the earthquake of guitar and war sound effects. The track title translates as ‘the last flight’ which is very appropriate with the sounds of airplanes flying.

“Grabenlieder” translates as ‘trench songs’ conjuring up the imagery associated with war, conflict and commemorating the events of World War 1. Opening with slow mellow guitar once more layered with boomy guitar sustained. Drums allowing guitar to lead the narrative where the vocals remain strong, defiant and overpowering. Gunshots are also heard before the guitar replicates the same rhythm, very symbolic indeed.

“Grabenkempf” translates to the word meaning of ‘trench warfare’, this track also carries on the melody of explosive guitar hooks, adrenaline rush of drums with vocals leaving the listener in disbelief. The guitar creates more variation and is less harsh but very objective. Then there is a reminder of the war theme, with spoken word before that, fusion of black and death metal cascading with continuous drumming.

“Ins Niemandsland” provides us with gunfire, guitar slaughter and thundering drums as the title means; in no man’s land. Aggression symbolized by guitar and discord by both guitar and bass tone. Opportunity for guitar to crescendo with subtle drums easing back into black metal mania. “Unterstandsangst” with nice guitar playing, subtle with spoken word in the background. The tempo is trimmed back and rhythm more of a swaying movement. Intensifying with that death metal vocal contribution, electrifying guitar and brilliance in arrangement. The track title translates; fear of submission like a soldier in battle fighting to survive without fear or giving into fear.

And finally the closing track which is titled “Verscharrt Und Ungerümht” with the meaning; entangled and unruly but it’s a simple but quieter passage to end on. Guitar strumming is heard accompanied by whispering vocal extracts which no doubt themes the end to the battle but not necessarily victory with honour or pride. I would think so and it;s very convincing and executes the role of dropping the curtain on this tale and journey.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Die Feuertaufe
2. Dicke Bertha
3. Die Schlacht Bei Tannenberg
4. Der Letzte Flug
5. Grabenlieber
6. GrabenKampf
7. Ins Niedmansland
8. Unterstandsangst
9. Verscharrt Und Ungerühmt
Noise - Everything
Record Label: Noisebringer Records


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