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Kaos Krew - From the Ostrobothnian Plain

Kaos Krew
From the Ostrobothnian Plain
by Sergio Andrés at 17 March 2020, 1:31 PM

KAOS KREW formed in 2004 by members Ulf Skog, Göran Fellman, and Tomas Öst in Jakobstad, Finland. According to their bio, they gravitate towards Industrial Metal and Hard Rock.

“Entropy – Black Door” opens with some loop sounds, then some spoken words (kind of like the intro of the METALIUM debut) some Sludgy SABBATH riffs and tempo. Nothing new under the sun. Tempo changes at the 3:45 mark in a fancy way, very much in the “Into The Void” mold. “Never Answer Why” and “Dance For Me” rock with engaging grooves and excellent vocal deliveries, but I can´t seem to find what´s the essence of their global sound, which sets them apart from the rest. I can hear some soaring guitar solos, although, especially in the latter, with refreshing legato lines.

“Whiteout” is another mid-tempo with an open crash cymbals groove on the chorus. There are some cybernetic arrangements on the bridge, but nothing relevant that embellishes the tune or makes me want to raise my fist in rejoice in the first place. “Crazy” has a catchy melody with sort of a country influence, after a couple of bars, it bores.

“SS Hellion” slides on the Metal spectrum with an infectious keyboard line and a kick-ass “mid-eastern” solo, so far the sum of all these elements don´t make a stand-out song. Sadly, after a bunch of songs, I´m starting to feel like I´m listening to a looped sound, there are no dynamics: same tempo, same drum grooves.

“Roadrage” has a skull-crushing double bass stomp on the 2:00 mark, it works. “The Prophets” evidence some unexpected darkness, especially with the distorted vocals and the keyboard arrangements, the guitars soared with some Jerry Cantrell bite, but it ends too abruptly.

“Electric Skin” could have been the best tune of the record, it has that DIE KRUPS vibe, and the tempo is quite different from the previous ones, but it is instrumental and believe it or not, I was waiting for a kick-ass vocal line. Great guitar melodies, although.

Kaos Krew is a talented unit after all, but unfortunately, their overall style and music direction lack a big bright picture.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Entropy – Black Door
2. Never Answer Why
3. Dance For Me
4. Whiteout
5. Crazy
6. SS Helion
7. Nobody´s Home
8. Roadrage
9. The Prophets
10. Electric Skin
Göran Fellman – Guitars
Petter Löf – Vocals
Mats Norrgård - Drums
Ulf Skog – Guitars
Sven Wannäs – Keyboard
Massi Wickman – Bass
Record Label: Inverse Records


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Edited 06 April 2020

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