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Kaoteon – Kaoteon

by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 02 December 2019, 11:31 PM

These guys have had a bust 2018/19. Their album "Damnbatio Memoriae" was released in 2018 and kicked up a right storm. They ended up winning Global Metal sponsored by Century Media at Metal Hammer’s Golden Globe awards. Anthony then went onto produce DEATH TRIBE’s "Beyond Pain and Pleasure: A Desert Experiment" earlier this year. So how have they had the time to do this project? Their third album is set to be discovered by more \[people due to the recent releases and popularity from the guys from Lebanon. Let’s see what they have put together…

Wolves of Chaos” holds nothing back from the off. Walid shows true aggression in his vocals and the instrumental play from Anthony is fantastic. There is a sense of belong on this song, you can tell the two guys know each other’s strengths and are happy to play to each other’s. The sound is a mix of Modern Death Metal mixed with some riffs you could expect to hear LAMB OF GOD throwing out, which comes as a true compliment. The balance is contained, you feel it could have gone off the edge a bit more, but as an opening song, its catchy. “Sun of the East” is clear to hear that a lot of effort has gone into the instrumental side of it, with the sound cleaner than before. It works to build up the song well. The vocals are easier to follow than some of their work before which has allowed Walid to be able to have expression and feelings heard more, not to mention Anthony stretch his legs out and show true skills on Guitar and Bass. The balance and control of the song is easy to hear, they have really created a sound that emphases both of them to full effect.

Broken” is 100% not a word I would use to define the sound. The slow buildup allows a depth to be formed. The vocals kick in with a little less aggression, but not less passion. The instrumental play takes a step back and runs more in the background, but it is efficient. The tune is catchy and works a charm. Vocals have more passion in the lyrics and you can tell this some means something to the band. It seems like a message. “Memento Mori” brings back the heavy hitting sound. This one from the off with gets heads banging. The vocals have the intensity returned; it is aggressive but hits the spot. With a few death growls added in, the instrumentalists take a back seat once more, more background, but still easy to hear and appreciate. All parties making this song an absolute gem once again, controlling the balance and harmony perfectly. This is modern Death Metal in its prime.

Catharsis in Unison” has a slow and winding build up, sort of, like it’s going to become a Thrash ballad, the old school ones that went on 7 plus minutes. The melody is ticking over, still a bit slower than expected. A bit more Prog than Thrash come to think of it. The vocals stretch out, but the instrumentalists does not keep up with it, so the melody is not what it should be to start. The songs feels more like a filler instrumental song, than one, which requires vocals. Seems like a missed trick here. The melody itself is done beautifully however. Bravo for that. “Gardens of Midas” has the bending start you want to kick off and explode into a mealy of guitar and drums kicking off into full gear. The song does not do that. It does not quite peak before vocals kick in and then start to build again after. The melody could even enter Melodic Death territory for how it has played out, its good, but you think it could have gone further into experimental stages perhaps.  The aggressive vocals towards the end are a good addition, but the chance is not seized upon to take it anywhere.

Archeronta Movebo” is the final song on the album and starts with a good beat, tempo and pace are at good levels. The vocals are not as aggressive as you may expect, but dialed down works better for the melody to take over. The balance is composed very well and ticks over nicely. It feels like a slower album outro to close out the album in a good way, to end the tempo into the fade out. Not all bands do this successfully, but these guys have nailed it.

The album is not as heavy as "Damnbatio Memoriae". This album is clearly more Death than Black Metal, which works in itself, but has some of the sound missing from before. This album is their third album and it shows how the band has progression not only with each other but also with a sound in itself. Great album. Keep it up guys!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Wolves of Chaos
2. Sun of the East
3. Broken
4. Memento Mori
5. Catharsis in Unison
6. Gardens of Midas
7. Archeronta Movebo
Walid Wolflust – Lead Vocals
Anthony Kaoteon – Guitars & Bass Guitar

Studio Members

Adrian Erlandsson – Drums
Linus Klausenitzer - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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