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Karrier - Way Beyond The Night (Reissue)

Way Beyond The Night (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 24 December 2017, 11:35 PM

Way stuffed in the bottom of a dusty casket, the tale of many Metal albums of bands gone with the wind. Hey, but that’s the business, and who are we to argue with it? Well, we can you know, but that is for another discussion. Not necessary an obscure band of an age that was golden, but still to be rendered as could have been a relic. Birmingham’s KARRIER was one of those NWOBHM that didn’t have the chance to breathe much before succumbing into the void of nothingness. Not sure why they didn’t last, I can only guess, yet it might be possible that the industry’s situation in the UK was somewhere different than in the US. But who knows? May it be all the same. Anyway, Greece’s Sonic Age Records, with their Cult Metal Classics department, rallied up almost the entire down the line material that KARRIER had from the band’s founders and joined it with the band’s only album, 1985’s “Way Beyond The Night”.

KARRIER zoomed in with their material at the final stages of NWOBHM, could recognized as a post band of the majestic movement, yet most of their material, was a backlash to the early years of NWOBHM development, more or less the late 70s. Keeping it simple, melodic twin guitar riffing, rather passionate display of soloing, iconic vocals and general vibe of good spirited Rock N’ Roll, that what seemed to be KARRIER’s name of the game up to 1986. “Way Beyond The Night” established hits such as the catchy riffer “Running For Your Love”, which sailed down the road of TYGERS OF THE PAN TANG, rocking opener “I'm Back” that screamed early SAXON, dramatic Hard Rock on the verge of Pop meets QUEEN “Too Many Years” and the haunting album clincher, “The Night / Way Beyond The Night” that kind of contributed to the band’s subliminal obscurity. There are a few hints of the band’s upcoming metamorphosis, such as overall keyboards and such tunes as “Hard Love”, “Dreaming” and “Summer”, yet the big bang was right around the corner with the “Poor Little Rich Girl” single of 1986.

Lineup changes were made, presuming the role of the vocals, switching from loud pitcher Gary Garner to Bary Thorne, which in general suited nicely to KARRIER’s forming image. Musically, such as various cases in the same decade, the band turned its direction towards AOR, letting themselves descend right into the mud pool of the mainstream. Therefore, I was in no surprise why Thorne’s voice sounded so right. The material however, was less than I expected. The “Poor Little Rich Girl” single lived up only for two songs, with the soft balladry sort “Endless Shadow” being a nicely done song. Right before closing up shop, KARRIER sounded more like early BON JOVI than their former near Metal reputation. I can’t say that I really enjoyed it, especially with the amount of cheesiness, yet it wasn’t bad either.

Essentially, when I look at this album, plus extras, I notice a fine legacy, even if short-lived. KARRIER are worth your time and money, no doubt. They knew how to Rock, also get themselves into the dirt of proto-Metal but slowly venturing into Americanized AOR.

Purchase Link: Sonic Age Records

4 Star Rating

1. I'm Back
2. Too Late For Love
3. Too Many Years
4. Hard Love
5. Summer
6. Running For Your Love
7. Dreaming
8. Going To Rock Tonight
9. The Night / Way Beyond The Night
10. Hard Love (Demo EP)
11. Run For Your Life (Demo EP)
12. Summer (Demo EP)
13. Too Late For Love (Demo EP)
14. Poor Little Rich Girl*
15. Endless Shadow*
Gary Garner - Vocals
Bary Thorne* - Vocals
Chris Clowsley - Guitars
Ian Hall - Guitars
Mark Fletcher - Bass
Mick Suddens - Drums
Record Label: Sonic Age Records


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