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Katalepsy - Autopsychosis

by Cameron Ervin at 11 February 2013, 3:33 PM

Listening to KATALEPSY’s “Autopsychosis” felt like getting pounded in the face with a sledge hammer. This is the most brutal album I’ve heard in a long time. After letting “Autopsychosis” play through in its entirety I felt mentally exhausted. This is brutal slamming Death Metal at its finest! KATALEPSY shows how brutal and chaotic music can be. With all the brutality and chaos going on the usual outcome remains the same, the songs begin to sound similar and that gets boring about half way through the record. I am not knocking the talent and skill of these musicians in any way. Dmitry and Anton show that they can turn out crushingly fast riffs which are nice when the tempo slows and you can hear the grove they create. However, these guitarists don’t believe in the lower half of the fret board at all. You will not find any intricate solo bits here. The drums annihilate the listener with speed and ferocity but other than that there isn’t anything different than your average Death Metal percussionist. The bass has a nice blocky sound when you can hear it and I believe it’s heard easiest on the track called “Amongst Phantom Worlds”. When the onslaught of guitars, pounding double bass, and guttural growls pause the only sound that fills your speakers is the heavy chugging bass. The vocals are pretty much the norm for Death Metal although at times Igor Filimontsev does dip lower into the gore style and the vocals sounds similar to that of DEVOURMENT. These guys were nice enough to throw in a short instrumental that sounds like the dual guitars were having a conversation between themselves. The instrumental acted like a much needed interlude or breath of fresh air from the relentless brutality exhibited here but I need a few more interludes of that nature with an album as over baring as this.

“Autopsychosis” is something you certainly have to be in the mood for. I enjoyed a few songs off the record like, “Cold Flesh Citadel”, “The Pulse of Sumnambulist”, and “Unearthly Urge to Supremacy” primarily because they sound different than the rest of the album. KATALEPSY is a tremendously talented band who suffers from having songs that all sound similar. All they need to do is add variety to their mixture and they’ll be good as gold. They sound like they might be on to something with that instrumental but they are too focused on sheer brutality. Maybe that’s what they are going for, all out smash your face brutality and that’s completely awesome, it’s just not my thing.

3 Star Rating

1. Lurking in the Depth
2. Evidence of Near Death (E.N.D.)
3. Body Bags for the Gods
4. Cold Flesh Citadel
5. The Pulse of Somnambulist
6. Unearthly Urge to Supremacy
7. Gore Conspiracy
8. Amongst Phantom Worlds
9. Needles of Hypocrisy (Interlude)
10. Knifed Humility
11. Taedium Vitae
Anatoly - Bass
Igor Filimontsev - Vocals
Dmitry - Guitars
Anton - Guitars
Evgeny - Drums
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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