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Katra - Beast Within (CD)

Beast Within
by Eirini Papadopoulou at 18 August 2008, 9:05 PM

KATRA is a Finnish 'gothic' Metal band dating back to 2006. The band is named after the singer, Katra Solopuro, and is consisted of musicians who have previously played with bands such as LOVEX, NOCTURN, MINERVA, SONICMIND and MY FATE. In spring 2007 the self-titled debut album Katra was released and the band started touring around Finland, when Napalm Records announced they would like to release worldwide the English edition of KATRA's album, which is entitled Beast Within. The vocals were re-recorded in English with Risto Asikainen (STRATOVARIUS) as producer at Jean Records studio.
From the first moments of listening to Beast Within I noticed the same music-making patterns of several bands of Gothic Metal music. With tuneful parts and catchy melodies in classic Rock and Metal instrumentation and symphonic parts, following the same recipe with bands such as EVANESCENCE, THEATRE OF TREGEDY, NIGHTWISH and LEAVES EYES, Beast Within is a typical Gothic Metal album. The songs are well written and there are many folk elements blended throughout the album. The voice of Katra is of typical soprano range and reminded me of Tarja Turunen - in timbre, but without reaching the lyricism of NIGHTWISH's former singer- and also reminded me of Sharon Den Adel (singer of WITHIN TEMPTATION) in terms of expressiveness.
Most of the songs are mid-tempo and use the pattern of melodic start with keyboards, then bursting to guitar riffs with well thought melodic themes by the keyboards or guitars. There is also a cover of Hijo De La Luna by MECANO, sung in Finnish by Katra, entitled Kuunpoika (son of the moon), which is interesting as KATRA has added symphonic and Heavy Metal elements in this dreamy piece.
Beast Within is a nicely produced work by a new band consisted of great musicians but - for me - the problem is that this album doesn't offer something new, music wise. I've heard many Gothic Metal bands in the past, and I am a fan of this music but - through the years - I haven't noticed any novelties from the specific sub-genre. KATRA seems to walk in the same path with all those female-fronted bands of the same kind, using the previously tested commercial recipes for music making.

2 Star Rating

Grail Of Sahara
Forgotten Bride
Beast Within
Fade To Gray
Promise Me Everything
Scars In My Heart
Storm Rider
Mist Of Dawn
Katra Solopuro - Vocals
Kristian Kangasniemi - Guitars
Johannes Tolonen - Bass
Jani Wilund - Keys
Jaakko Jarvensivu - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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