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Kavyk – Radiant Abyss Award winner

Radiant Abyss
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 13 January 2021, 2:21 PM

KAVYK is an American extreme metal band that combines black, death and doom into one huge, multilayered sound. “Radiant Abyss,” is their full length debut after releasing an EP in 2018. For such a young band, they really know how to approach these styles and meld them into an amazing wall of sound.

"Radiant Abyss," isn't an album that you can put on and in a few minutes decide what you think about it. The songs are long (but not overly) with a deep, deep well of depth to each one. This is an album that demands your patience and attention to details because every listen will definitely bring something new. The title track starts this musical journey. A thick riff opens the album followed by rolling drums. Once the bass drops down, the song gets going. It is intense, especially the double bass and the blackened death growls that lead the charge. The riffs are a balance between cutting edge notes and waves of sonic despair.

The song sort of just…washes over you, if that makes sense. The music just encompasses you and takes you along with it. "Cathartic Voices," takes a slower approach, the build up leading into a trippy and spacey movement with the bass guitar. I really like the part that starts at 3:44 mark with the way the guitar/bass builds up the tension with the rumbling riffs that sounds like an earthquake.

The pay off for that musical movement is wonderful as it sets up harrowing screams, a kickass guitar solo and crisp but swift drums. Chaos at its finest. Some of the albums best riffs, and most encompassing, crushing bass, are found in the next track "Civilized." This more straightforward approach keeps the albums flow going smoothly. It also helps transform the song into a lush sonic landscape. From 4:45 all the way to the song's end, my ears were treated to an alien world that is both compelling and wonderful yet strange and melancholic. Just a beautiful song, in its own way.

"For Those Who Long To Die," is the shortest song on the album and the most focused. Still it encompasses the elements that make this such an enjoyable album. It is a safe bet that if you like this song you'll enjoy the rest of the album as long you keep your thoughts expansive. This particular song is heavy on the more extreme elements of the band so it creates a dark but interesting ride.

"Comatose Simplicity" is then final and longest track on the album. The beginning moments are decidedly more raucous and penetrating but very weighty and maintaining their expansive sound. If the other tracks are their own adventures then this one is an entire life time. The songs bed portion kicks up the tempo it is here where the bass really pops out from behind the veil. The drums carrying the song into a more spaced out, doomed dirge mid section with the drums accenting the sludgy riffs with expert precision. From here to the end, the song just grows into this huge monstrous thing

Simply put, this is one impressive album. Even though the album keeps a similar tone throughout, each track manages to be different. Highly recommended for anyone who likes extreme music that steps outside the box.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Radiant Abyss
2. Cathartic Voices
3. Civilized
4. For Those Who Long to Die
5. Comatose Simplicity
Brian Eiermann – Bass
Anthony Martinez – Drums
Troy Bennett – Vocals, Guitars
Max Kimmons – Guitars
Record Label: Caustic Hollow Records


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