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Kayleth - 2020 Back to Earth Award winner

2020 Back to Earth
by Dani Bandolier at 06 June 2020, 12:08 AM

"2020 Back to Earth" is the 3rd full length album launched from space rawkers KAYLETH (2005) who blast off from Verona, Italy – part of the northern Italy beltway of Turin, Milan, Verona and Venice. These lads are a stoner band inspired by the music of KYUSS, ORANGE GOBLIN, 7ZUMA7 and MONSTER MAGNET. They spread the astral love while reaching for more in their vocal and instrumentation layers, more than the common asteroid… let’s dig in…

Panning recorded tracks from speaker to speaker, ‘Corrupted’ leads off Yo Ho¡! space pirate style with lead throat Enrico channeling rock god Paul Stanley and I tell you now and you believe me later, this is a complement. Paul Stanley has a rock baritone that only the gods can bestow on a mere mortal. The vocals are paired with a rollicking rock arrangement that send us spiraling into the celestial bush. Alessandro Zanetti and Massimo Dalla Valle fuel up a slithering and snakey ‘Under the Rose’ riff intro and outro on 2nd track ‘Concrete’, headlining a one-two punch vocal arrangement on the doubled verses finally flaming out with a spacey wah-wah guitar separation. The combined multi-track vocals remind me of the arrangements of KISS and their theme stretching "Music from the Elder."

Have a listen to tracks like ‘Odyssey’ by KISS and draw your own lunar ramblings … ‘Lost in the Canyons’ excavates a middle-earth QOTSA psychedelic trench then leaves us with a smoking get-on-yer-knees and Hail the Sun god ¡! saxophone part played by Mauro "Mamao" Padoani - just an incredible performance that truly sets your wee hairs on end while melting us down à la PINK FLOYD’S ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’ Parts. This is my favourite song on "2020 Back to Earth" - this is epic;  not Bob Ezrin epic, he being a true master of epic songs and albums, but ‘reaching for it’ epic – and succeeding.

‘Delta Pavonis’ similarly has beautiful vocal melody accompanied by phased and fuzzed guitar and more lovely synth bits orbiting into the QOTSA pink astral zone. ‘By Your Side’ has an AEROSMITH slippin’ an slidin’ stumble especially with the rollicking verse and bridge licks hopping along with drummer Daniele Pedrollo as he double times the beat with guitars and bass by Massimo and Alessandro leading the way. Nice, nice! synth sounds by Michele Montanari everywhere on this album.

‘Electron’ puts me into 70’s rock and a hard place mood with the plate reverb on Enrico’s singing and Alessandro’s homeless JOY DIVISION deep-bass riffing. ‘The Avalanche’ does the MONSTER MAGNET blizzard without the extreme Marshall metal-flake sparks then tumbles into penultimate song ‘Sirens’, a deliberative and spacey composition with circumspect vocal arrangements and melodies. ‘Cosmic Thunder’ claps the lid closed with a rubber-band fakey dance track dribbling and pausing for shooting synth stabs and canorous vocal interludes.

"2020 Back to Earth"  is cracking start to finish. The songs are very good, Enrico Gastaldo has a rawk god voice – Paul Stanley ¡! - and the lads can play, and play they do. The small niggle I have is the mix, a sonic load a wee bit on the dark side of the spoon with a mushy and busy mid range that nicks the music of some definition and dynamism in places. But butter my butt and call me a biscuit - ‘2020 BACK TO EARTH’ is some fine space rock that would launch a HAWKWIND and MONSTER MAGNET fan into SPACEX orbit. Well done mates ¡!

You twist and turn like a twisty-turny thing. I say you’re a weedy pigeon, Blackadder, and you can call me the Dani Bandolier Spotify playlist if it isn’t so…

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Corrupted
2. Concrete
3. Lost in the Canyons
4. The Dawn of the Resurrection
5. Delta Pavonis
6. By Your Side
7. Electron
8. The Avalanche
9. Sirens
10. Cosmic Thunder
Massimo Dalla Valle - Guitar
Enrico Gastaldo - Vocals
Alessandro Zanetti - Bass
Daniele Pedrollo - Drums
Michele Montanari - Synth
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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Edited 15 July 2020

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