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KB36 - Fake

by Bradley Karr at 13 March 2018, 11:12 PM

KB36 was formed in Moscow, Russia in the beginning of 2009. After playing live and rehearsing their song they went into the studio to record their first album “Fish Eat Fish” in 2013.  They have now released their follow up album “Fake”. The title track comes in with a good guitar riff before it falls off into a very mellow sound and light lyrics. The chorus picks up somewhat in the instrumentals and lyrics but suddenly pulls back again. The transitions between tempo is a little jarring and hard to get into the song.

“Slow Motion” starts out fast but quickly looses steam between the chorus. Again, the quick changes between the tempo of the song throws me off and I feel like I am listening to several songs that were pieced together. Each piece by itself is good, but once it gets put together I don’t think it works. “Mashrooms”, no I didn’t misspell that, is a very mellow song. The quirkiness of the song makes it interesting. The singer has formed an entire song around mushrooms. The chorus line picks up a little bit, not full on metal but that same quick change in tempo plagues this song. However, I did enjoy the heavy bass strumming that happens in this song. It gives it a very distinct sound.

“Rock the Boat” comes on with a heavy reliance on the bass drum. The vocals have the similar quirkiness that listeners will have heard throughout the album. This song however, doesn’t have the tempo issues that the other songs suffer from. It starts out slow, ramping up and keeps a consistent pace throughout the song. It has some amazing guitar solos through the middle. It is my favorite song on the album because it was well put together and I could get into the song. “Going through Hell” is another solid song on the album. It comes out strong and continues this throughout the song. This song doesn’t have the tempo variances of the other songs and that to me always makes for a better song from the band. You will definitely catch yourself tapping your foot along with this song.

The album finishes up with “Get Out of Here”. A descent song not the strongest but definitely not the weakest either. The last song on the album doesn’t grab me and make me want to return to the album after it is finished. This song has nice riffs and beats, but it isn’t blowing me away with its sound. Overall the album left me underwhelmed. It was decent but most of the songs suffered from strange choices in tempo changes. Just when you were getting into a song it would slow way down, then speed back up. The songs that didn’t do this were the strongest on the album, but still not to a point that I would run out and buy the album. However, if the better songs came on the radio I wouldn’t change the channel.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Fake
2. Who Cares
3. Slow Motion
4. Walk and Glow
5. Mashrooms
6. On the Floor
7. Rock the Boat
8. Seven Rules
9. Going Through Hell
10. Give me More
11. Get Out of Here
Tengiz – Vocals
Oleg – Solo Guitars
Igor – Bass
Anton – Drums
Artyom – Bass
Record Label: Pure Rock Records


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