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Kevlar Bikini – Hi Fi or Die Award winner

Kevlar Bikini
Hi Fi or Die
by Jacob Dawson at 01 May 2015, 8:49 AM

I have only one question: WHY IS THIS BAND NOT MASSIVE!?! The Punk Rock genre is one that feels neglected these days, with only a brave few carrying the torch once lit by legends such as THE CLASH, RAMONES and SEX PISTOLS. The music has of course moved on and evolved since the early days, and bands like ANTI-FLAG or even DROPKICK MURPYS are big enough to keep it from being forgotten, but you could never have a world with too many successful Punk bands, and this deserves to be one of them.

Each and every track is vastly different from the last, and the majority of them carry a catchy chorus that’s easy to get swept up in, or a riff that scoops you up and takes you on a wild and unpredictable ride. The guitars change key constantly and keep you guessing as to what the rhythm will switch to next, and that’s exactly the kind of spirit an album needs to keep you excited.

The vocals offered here are more than impressive, too; in some cases it even sounds like a different singer between songs, simply due to the impressive range of his voice. There are backing singer sections too, just in case you somehow ever start to grow bored of the main vocals.
There is a healthy dose of bass in the production, which works well in conjunction with the frequently high notes on the guitar. The drums are worth a mention as well; they’re simple when the guitar needs to shine, and technically impressive when it doesn’t- Kicho does exactly what is needed of him in each song.

The only main criticism I can see people would have of the album is the occasionally shallow lyrics. While Punk used to be about rebelling lyrically a well as audibly, in a few particular examples here the songs seem to have little meaning beyond making lots of noise- “Death To All That Is Anti Rock” is the main culprit, with the vast majority of the song being taken up by the repetition of those particular words. It’s understandable; this is clearly the most cathartic track of the album, and the band don’t claim to be poets- just look at their name. However with the competence displayed in some other tracks like “Wow?!” and “Human Spittoon”, it is a bit jarring to suddenly be confronted with one-dimensional lyrics. It’s fair to say the band more than make up for this stumble throughout the rest of the album, in any case.

KEVLAR BIKINI have won my heart. I don’t normally buy albums after reviewing them, but in this case I may make an exception to show my appreciation for their music. As consumers, we have the power to make smaller, good quality bands like this the headliners of the future, and it’s our responsibility to choose them wisely. Do so, by supporting this band.

5 Star Rating

1. Wow?!
2. Hoax Revolution
3. Human Spittoon
4. Summer of Hate
5. Hit-It-Right-Or-Go-Home
6. Climax
7. Twisted By The Cesspool
8. Death to All That Is Anti Rock
9. Anti Rock
10. Doom Mood
Vocals - Auker
Guitar - Berta
Bass - Kasi
Drums – Kicho
Record Label: WormHoleDeath Records


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