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Kiko Shred's Rebellion - Rebellion

Kiko Shred's Rebellion
by Kevin Lewis at 20 September 2021, 7:35 AM

KIKO SHRED’S REBELLION is a Brazilian band working mostly in the heavy/power metal genres. There is also focus on fusing in classic techniques and a lot of the faster shredding elements with the guitar work. Rebellion, their fourth record, was released on 30rd July 2021 via Pure Steel Records. Having worked with some big names in the past, they use that influence and training to create a new album full of lightning-fast guitars, wicked rhythms and killer vocals.

The album starts with the appropriately named “Intro,” as 57 seconds instrumental that immediately shows you the skills you will hear on guitar all over this record. “Mirror” blasts off from there. The bass comes out fast and the drums matches with ease. The guitars are quick, but not as fast as will be heard later on. The vocals are a bit gritty and tend to stay in a higher register, a classic power metal move. All of this is executed with precision.

Continuing their trend of working with stellar musicians, “Thorn Across My Heart” features Doogie White of LA PAZ and ALCATRAZZ. He also sang with RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. This is the more classically based metal song. It has more of an early to mid 1980s feel and really channels the era well. The song is more melodic, but still has that nice, shredding solo.

Mors Non Separabit” starts with a nice classical guitar sound, using the electric and acoustic together to layer in some rich tones. Then the bass and percussion kick in and the song gets faster and more intricate. Still using some classical scales, the guitars stay heavy and get a little more into the shredding that this band is named and famous for. No words, just intense music that keeps you on the edge of your seta.

Voodoo Queen” is slower out of the gate, but has a cool, chugging riff once the body of the song kicks in. This one feels a little more glam/hair metal in its’ composition. It is not as heavy, but still has a lot of force in both the music and lyrics. The vocalists scream at the end of the song is really impressive. That is a full on wail that is well sustained. Nice ending to that song.

The album wraps with “Information War,” another fast-paced song that shows a lot of thought went into the writing it. The guitar work, coupled with the rhythm section, really make this song race from start to finish. Then you have the lyrics wondering about who to believe when it comes to who has the correct information. Again, a few beautiful screams from the vocalist in this song.

KIKO SHRED’S REBELLION has a lot of talent in the band. With it being named after the guitarist, you might think he would try to stand out above the rest of the band, but that is not anywhere near true. He does shine as a talent, but the rest of the band are his equals, but his supporting act. That makes this record that much better. It’s well rounded and feels really complete.

Overall, this record has a lot of different feels and no one single style. The influences are varied, but all are honored well. When they want to shred, they do, when they want to rock, they do. The album is guitar heavy, but it is not guitar dominant. The balance works and there is something for everyone.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Mirror
3. Rainbow After the Storm
4. Rebellion
5. Thorn Across My Heart (Feat. Doogie White)
6. Mors Non Separabit
7. Honour to The Fallen Brothers
8. The Hierophant
9. Voodoo Queen
10. Information War
Ed Gadlin – Vocals
Will Costa – Bass
Lucas Tagliari – Drums
Kiko Shred – Guitar
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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Edited 16 October 2021

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