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Kill Ritual - Karma Machine Award winner

Kill Ritual
Karma Machine
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 26 August 2015, 10:08 PM

Thrash Metal is deeply entangled in many ways of being done. Some prefer to clone bands as METALLICA, SLAYER and many famous names on their days of glory (specifically, the 80’s), others are trying to breathe some fresh life unto the style. To be creative on Thrash Metal is showing to be a great trial. But some are really taking this duty and trying seriously, as the North American quartet KILL RITUAL, from San Francisco's Bay Area. Yes, they are very creative on their third work, "Karma Machine", the center of this review.

The quartet has a deep and strong melodic feeling that appears a lot in all their tracks, giving us the clear sensation of hearing a mix between modern Thrash Metal, traditional Heavy Metal and something from Power Metal and Hard Rock sometimes. And by the way, the technical level is astonishing in some moments, but the weight is always present, without tearing apart the melodic sense of the band.

Steve Rice (the band's guitarist) produced the album, but in the mixing and mastering, it's a great surprise to see Andy LaRocque's name. And once more, the result is a sound quality done in an almost perfect weight, being as heavy and aggressive as it is clean, so we can enjoy their music in the best way we can. And the artwork for the cover, done by Jobert Mello (from Sledgehammer Graphix Design) is very good, being a fine incorporation of the album's name.

When the album is playing, you can feel how the band is really good, having some great moments, as we can hear on songs like the savage and melodic "Rise" (a song aggressive and melodic, that has a very good technical insight, with excellent guitar riffs and a deep and great work done on vocals, that reminds a bit the same style used by Matthew Barlow), the abrasive "The Enemy Inside" (what wonderful bass guitar and drums work on this great song), the strong and tender "The Key" (in beginning, it seems a ballad, but on a certain part, it gains weight and aggressiveness, with a perfect work on vocals), and the heavy weight song called "The Land of the Dead" (with a Progressive touch due the technical approach, another fine piece of vocals work, and the guitars are exuberant here on great riffs and solos).

Buy it at once, and enjoy this very good band!

4 Star Rating

1. Just a Cut
2. Rise
3. The Enemy Inside
4. The Key
5. Karma Machine
6. My Green Room
7. Kundalini
8. Land of the Dead
9. Camera's Eye
David Reed Watson - Vocals
Steve Rice - Guitars
Bobby HQ Storm - Bass
Koryun Bobikyan - Drums
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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