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Kill Ritual - Thy Will Be Done Award winner

Kill Ritual
Thy Will Be Done
by Metal Wim at 31 December 2021, 6:15 PM

Well Hot Damn and Thunder, this is good! I have some older stuff of KILL RITUAL, but I must admit that they've never impressed me as much as they do on “Thy Will Be Done”. After five full-length albums they've decided on an EP with five songs and clocking just under thirty minutes.

We start off with “Angels in Black” and the thing that strikes me immediately is the similarity with the sound of KING DIAMOND and/or MERCYFUL FATE. Not only musically, as the way the riffs are laid down really make you think back. Vocalist Chalice uses several voices, from high to low and sometimes multilayers them, only enhancing the feel of a MERCYFUL FATE vibe.

“Light The Fire (Tonight We Fly)” starts off like it is an ANNIHILATOR song, but after the intro the connection mentioned earlier is back as well, and the tow influences battle it out all through the song. Again, the use of the voice underlines the KING DIAMOND similarities, although I’m hearing some Bobby Blitz coming through too.

And yes, the vocals and some of the riffs do the same on “Thy Will Be Done”. And because of thrashy riffs and the Bobby Blitz reference, now there's also a strong OVERKILL connection as well. Fast and furious and without holding back, this is beautiful. This is how I'd envision that MERCYFUL FATE would sound if they ever decided to play real thrash.

When they start “Obey the Ritual” it's like ANNIHILATOR has entered the building again. The other two connotations mentioned are less in your face than before, but still lurking in the shadows. Another great track. “The Opaque Is Divine” is another one with the same feel and like all the other ones, it's a song with great emotional guitar solos. “Thy Will Be Done” is an album that needs to grow on you and take a place in your head, your mind and in my case even my heart.

I know that MERCYFUL FATE will be touring again in 2022, and if they would oblige us with some new material I wouldn't be at all disappointed if it was much like this KILL RITUAL EP. I know I make it sound as if it's a kind of rip off, but it isn't. I just think this is the best sounding record I have heard since the latest MASTODON was released. I just hope they keep on going in this direction.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Angels in Black
2. Light the Fire (Tonight We Fly)
3. Thy Will Be Done
4. Obey the Ritual
5. The Opaque is Divine
Chalice – Vocals
Steven D. Rice – Guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards
David Alusik – Bass, vocals
Seamus Gleason – Drums
Record Label: Blood Blast Distribution


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