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Kill The Imposter – The Violence Sessions

Kill The Imposter
The Violence Sessions
by Ben Gardiner at 28 June 2021, 9:09 PM

"The Violence Sessions" is KILL THE IMPOSTER first full length release following a string of singles and the EP "A Strain of Agony". The album boasts impressive instrumentation and searing vocals from frontman Johnny NobodyKTI brings technical instrumentation int the world of pounding hardcore. The product? One of the most headbanging Deathcore albums of the year.

The first track of the album, "Unfit Coward", features guest vocals from Taylor Barber of Atlanta Deathcore Outfit LEFT TO SUFFER, this intro track brings the heavy early. An up-tempo musical assault on the rise of ‘Keyboard Warriors in modern society. KTI calls out those who choose to attack and harass from the safety and comfort of being anonymous behind a screen.

The second track only keeps the crowd moving a rolling double bass pattern leading into several bouncy breakdowns, "False Prophet "is more sonically ‘simple’ than the other tracks, but it certainly one of the most fun, I want to be in the moshpit when that’s playing. Johnny Nobody demonstrates his vast vocal repertoire with deep powerful, drawn out growls that will rumble through your headphones.

Mace, the biggest single off the album, was written with a return to shows in mind, almost two years of no performances are bound to make any musician antsy, and this song is a representation of that frustration, it’s the shooting of energy through your legs when they are restless. The slamming breakdown will be putting bounce in KTI’s moshpit this summer.

My favourite track of the album is the slow and phenomenally heavy "Evil Ways". A classic beatdown track, it is distanced from the other tracks on the album by the pacing and the emotion of the vocals, this song also hits some deathcore staples, namely, a drums and vocal breakdown, and the classic ‘Blegh’ vocal line we all know and love.

"The Violence Sessions" are twenty minutes of some of the best breakdowns, vocal lines and drumbeats in a deathcore album this year. Perfectly mixing elements of Hardcore and Beatdown into their unique Deathcore sound, I’m very excited to see what this band will continue to produce in the future. KILL THE IMPOSTER are proof that Florida isn’t finished providing the world with great Metal bands.

Songwriting: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Unfit Coward
2. False Prophet
3. Broken Crown
4. Mace
5. Dongan Hills
6. Evil Ways
7. Suffer Alone
Johnny Nobody – Vocals
Danny Arrieta – Guitar
Chris Acosta – Guitar
Nick Colvin – Drums
Wilson Bembry – Bass
Record Label: The Legend Legacy


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