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Kill The Client - Cleptocracy (CD)

Kill The Client
by Yiannis Doukas at 25 December 2008, 5:50 PM

Maniacal grind does offer to our ears the Texas-based KILL THE CLIENT in their second album. They started in 2002, their debut Escalation Of Hostility appeared in 2005 and three tracks of Cleptocracy were inside the split album together with AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, released via Relapse Records in April of 2007. The drumming speed reaches the red limit and goes beyond it, the guitars have clump equal with ten dinosaurs but…
Generally despite the 22-minute length of this album I can say that is a bit or a lot boring. The songs have no personality, Cleptocracy looks like an aggregation of violence and extremity without having a depth, or giving importance to the real music essence. KILL THE CLIENT gives more attention in creating shock to the listeners with all the maelstrom of noises.
The drummer drunk tons of coffee before starting the recording rehearsals, see for example the self titled track. But the in-existence of serious guitar riffing and the fact that are in front in the mixing probably works as a boomerang for them.
KILL THE CLIENT drain influences from bands like NAPALM DEATH and the equivalent ones of Relapse Records making their style unreachable for metalheads 'cause of the lack of Metal elements. Maybe some friends of REVENGE will find something but I doubt in that too. Very few tracks are interesting; some of them are Dog Tagged, the instrumental slow one Downfall or  Terminal Nation. Negative is also the vocal performance having nothing special, being close enough to major shit like MASTODON etc. The lyrical concept has elements of political themes that fit well with the whole music structure creating chaos and destruction, disorder and rebellion.
If you are completely pissed off this album may give you something but not enough, it is for two or three listening sessions and then resting in your self. But the cover is very good.

2 Star Rating

Divide And Conquer
Bullet Proof Vultures
Christian Pipebomb
Consumption In Intoxication
Test Tube Nation
Product Of Misinformation
Dog Tagged
Evidence Of Injustice
99% Turnover
The Lies
A Mockery Of Guidance
False Flag Attack
Red State Redneck
Terminal Nation
Morgan - Vocals
Chris Richardson - Guitar
Dorian Rainwater - Guitar
James Delgado - Bass
Brian Fajardo - Drums
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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