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Kind - Metal Nudge Award winner

Mental Nudge
by Dani Bandolier at 09 October 2020, 6:29 AM

KIND (2013), the stoner/psych/doom supergroup from Boston, Massachusetts in the USA are back with their second full-length release called “Mental Nudge”. Featuring members Matt Couto (ex-ELDER), Tom Corino (ex-ROZAMOV), Craig Riggs (ROADSAW) and Darryl Shepard (ex-BLACK PYRAMID), KIND formed in 2013 and released their debut album “Rocket Science” on Ripple Music in the waning days of 2015. They proved their mettle on a West Coast tour undertaken with Ripple labelmates SALEM’S BEND and a live appearance at Desertfest London in 2018 as well as many shows throughout the Northeastern U.S.

After entering the studio a couple of times in the intervening years to demo new material, KIND booked time at the venerable Mad Oak Studios in January 2020 with Alec Rodriguez (LESSER GLOW, FORN, CHELSEA WOLFE) behind the boards once again to track “Mental Nudge”. Staying true to their sound but expanding their groove at the same time, KIND has crafted seven songs that cover the wooly mammoth borealis. Once the recording was complete, it was time for artist Alexander von Wieding to work his magic and create the cover art.  Alexander has worked with many heavy rock artists including MONSTER MAGNET, KARMA TO BURN and BRANT BJORK. He has delivered some eye-catching art for “Mental Nudge”, tying up the themes of the songs in a lightning strike to the noggin visual. The record was mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, providing a powerful final master.

Fuck Yeah, I’m winnin’‘Broken Tweaker’ is a knuckle-dragging ditty, part TED NUGENT, part KADAVER – just the good parts - smartly provided by the down-tuned 6 strings of Darryl Shepard. The BADAZZ bass flanks an explosive drum mix with low frequency rumble that will make the phonograph needle jump right outta the groove, Sucka MC style. Craig Riggs sounds great on “Mental Nudge” - the dude is singing for us - never once stepping into the cookie-monster landmines of Vocalandía. … We like to know where you are‘Faster Number Two’ … is that a reference to the song track order or somebody in the band bogarting the studio crapper? No names are named here. Wah wah guitar wraps around middle song with a snaky-snaky wambam you – this is a fanger of a tune that tosses rawkin’ funk-youse from Matt and Tom. Righteous.

Yeah they took you with a hole and they cover it up‘Bad Friend’ is awesome – hypnotic and chest thumping with that bone rattling bottom end and lovely backing vocals that take a Manchester soul back to 1995 OASIS. Matt Couto gives a lesson in laying down a paralyzing hog-tie groove, absolutely. I Doth Proclaim this song with the noble title of Thee Hub 2020 Wicked Pissa. I see cheerleaders in pink t-shirts with the words Rawk Star splashed in plum coloured nail polish slingin’ hoola-hoops around they womanz hips to the song ‘It’s Your Head’, jamming with a heavy rump thumpin’ groove that should give strippers from Bangkok to Boston a new anthem to shake and bake you  – Yup … Do you feel Trigger Happy or are you along for the ride?‘Trigger Happy’ ripples the concrete in my listening studio and puts the neighbors cat asleep atop a comforting 50Hz sonic wave that you are ski-towed into and have no choise but ride down hot and cowboy-style, hanging ten for your life while you fall to the bottom … cool lyrics on this tune.

Vurry East Coast Amurikan production here mates, and I say that in a complementary way. East Coast bands like ELDER, CAVE IN (Caleb Scofield RIP) and TORCHE display a clear Upper Earth sonic sensibility in their song palettes and melodic facility that doesn’t take the listener for granted while staying close to our reserved NWOBHM roots. The East Coast music scene that includes KIND is real deal; I can almost – although not quite - imagine a world where METALLICA was impressive but never caught a break while ANTHRAX kept their original grooving ‘Fistful of Metal’ lineup intact and thrilled metal fans right outta they skin, me included.  Matt Couto and Tom Corino must have shadow mixed this or held a Glock to the sound engineers’ heads. This release will make their mommas proud – you know what these lads were up to during the mad Allston winter … tracking a weapons grade wicked pissa rhythm section on “Mental Nudge”. There is plenty of sonic information below 50Hz on this release – rare for a metal-rawk master and a moxie mix decision that may work for yer head, maybe not. Dig it mates, this is a KIND slab.

There will always be The Hub and a Dani Bandolier’s Spotify list…

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Broken Tweaker
2. Faster Number Two
3. Bad Friend
4. Helms
5. It’s Your Head
6. Mental Nudge
7. Trigger Happy
Matt Couto - Drums
Tom Corino - Bass
Craig Riggs - Vocals
Darryl Shepard - Guitar
Record Label: Ripple Music


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