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King Creature - Set The World On Fire Award winner

King Creature
Set The World On Fire
by Jordan Rogers at 03 January 2021, 6:33 PM

It is time for fans of hard rock to rejoice! This new album “Set The World On Fire” is absolutely smashing. KING CREATURE really lays it all out on the line and adds yet another great apocalyptic album to the year of 2020. Songs of hardship and pain, heavy guitar and drums, with a touch of melody; these songs are sure to take you on a journey much in line with that of the current state of things. Horrors and wisdom intertwined within make this album one of the best ones I have had the pleasure of reviewing. Without further ado, let us get into the music.

“Desolation” starts us on our journey, and fast and heavy is what comes to mind when I hear the introductory guitar. A rushing chorus gives this song power, while the vocals come in just as powerfully and adds to the heaviness in the song. The somewhat melodic voice of Dave gives this album a very unique feel and sound that helps aid in the portrayal of the deep power that is within the lyrics and music. Our next song “Captives”, has that same heavy and powerful feel found within the intro song, yet it even more powerful. There is a guitar solo inlaid within the song that will show this deeper power and give way back into the rumbling chorus of the song.

“Wisdom Told” is our first slower paced song of the album, and I have to say, KING CREATURE does one hell of a job transitioning between fast and slow paced music. This song is a powerful ballad of melody and harmony that holds much emotion within its lyrics. Upon listening, it is very apparent that the artists poured a lot of energy into the making of this song and that they felt a need for the messages within to be distributed throughout this song. Give this peaceful song a listen, and at the end hopefully you will feel that you have gained something.

“Demon Within” is a far shot off the last song mentioned, but is a great part of this album, nonetheless. With everything going at a fast pace, this song is sure to get you and keep you rocking almost the whole way through. Amidst the chaos, there is a little bit of hidden melody you will have to listen to find for yourself. “No Getting Out Alive” follows. Keeping the fast pace of the previous song, this one brings in its own newfound power and urgency. There is COVID-19 directly within the lyrics, so to say this song holds power is an understatement. This song holds a new perspective, and in that there is all the power in the world.

KINGS CREATURE has released a great album full of power and rock that you must listen to. There is so much within this album that needs to be heard, so if you are looking for something to inspire you in interesting ways, you have found your album.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Desolation
2. Captives
3. Wisdom Told
4. Falling Down Again
5. The Storm
6. I Quit
7. Demon Within
8. No Getting Out Alive
9. Beautiful Fatality
10. Fear Of The Fool
11. Live Forever
Dave Kellaway - Vocals/Bass
Matt Karl Vincent - Guitar
Jack Bassett - Drums
Record Label: Marshall Records


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