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King Goat - Conduit

King Goat
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 20 January 2018, 12:44 PM

Meet the European motley 5-piece Progressive Doom Metal emerging band residing in East Sussex; Reza G from Iran, Petros from Central Macedonia, Trim, Joe and Jon all hail from the English shores. This is them unleashing their first full-length album in “Conduit.” During the album it is clear that there are Eastern influences mixing up with some psychedelic metal, among other things, but I won’t reveal all just yet. “Conduit,” by one of its definitions is “a person or organization that acts as a channel for the transmission of something”. KING GOAT are unquestionably channelling this crazy mix directly in to our ears, we are grateful. The Bonus tracks are all from their previously released “King Goat” \[EP].

Flight of the Deviants”; the spoken intro (Robert Powel) comes from the Sci-Fi Novel: “The Chrysalids” by John Wyndham. The lyrics make reference twice (towards the end) concerning the intro, with the quote from the Novel “Watch thou for the mutant. The Devil is the father of deviation. Keep pure the stock of the Lord. In purity our salvation. The norm is the will of God. Blessed is the norm.” Many bands have an intro to add ambience but rarely mention it in the song, this makes for a good start. The tempo and rhythm are up beat in stages, allowing the pick up to build and become heavier, there is a Post-Metal/Sludge feel to the influences. The vocals dictate the tempo of the melody, carrying it through. I asked the band why they chose to use “The Chrysalids” by John Wyndham. Here was Trim’s response (via Facebook messenger): “Simply because I liked the book, really. John Wyndham is one of my favourite "post-apocalyptic" sci-fi writers and I prefer The Chrysalids to, say Day of the Triffids or The Kraken Wakes.

Ferel King” feels a lot more like a KYUSS track, with less acid visions. The guitar and bass has the sludge vibe sounding true once more. The lower key start feels like a gong being sounded. Trim begins with his steady vocal, questioning, “Who could dethrone him? The Ferel King”, then the raw and uncut deep vocals that he previous hid, appear in full. The Progressive Doom pace keeps a grasp on the flow, taking you through the deep, dark hills of this song. This feels like a steady psychedelic trip they are taking you on, just breaking you in gently.

Conduit” is a trip with friends, with support from Xysor (Vehement), Chloe Cross, Gracie Jones and Katie Brooks (ladies, I have no idea who you are and I’m not going to start to Google or Facebook stalk y’all). The raw outburst from Xysor is a nice addition, it suits the dirty guitar build up, his Black Metal surge adds further depth not only to a growing song, but an expanding album. The mid-song chants seem like a mix of Pagan chanting and Mongolian Throat singing, after this, is where the softer symphonic female vocals are added. Trim sings in sync with them to phenomenal effect to take the song above expectations. Xysor finishes off with some deep lung-burning vocals to complete a masterpiece. Respect has been earned.

Sanguine Path” has a drum beat that will get the feet tapping, or you marching with purpose to kick it off. The power of Trim’s vocals has progressed through the album; this is him flexing the throat muscles. His outbursts hit deeper and longer, the lingering tones have gone, to be replaced by Power. The guitar rhythm flirts through and around his vocals to bring out the volume. This has a sludge pace to it, with a sped up Post-Metal approach. There are further psychedelic trips along the way through the melody with building up to fade away, teasing you into the feel to take it away, before it flirts its way back in.


Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Flight of the Deviants
2. Feral King
3. Conduit
4. Revenants
5. Sanguine Path
6. Final Decline (Bonus Track)
7. Cult Obscene (Bonus Track
8. Melian's Trance (Bonus Track)
Anthony 'Trim' Trimming - Vocals
Joe – Rhythm Guitar
Petros Sklias – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Reza G – Bass & Backing Vocals
Jon Wingrove – Drums 
Record Label: Aural Music


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Edited 13 December 2018

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