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King Moon & The Purple Tongues - The Golden Giant

King Moon & The Purple Tongues
The Golden Giant
by Dani Bandolier at 22 December 2020, 11:41 AM

Well C’mooooooonnnn…KING MOON & THE PURPLE TONGUES (2017) hold astral court from one of my favourite cities, lovely Berlin, Germany. The band’s new release “The Golden Giant” is psychedelic hard rock in the Euro style – classical elements and iffy metal trappings included. This is a story about a giant, the golden one with just one eye‘Golden Giant’ is the release opener and sets the tone for what is coming up, a very well produced slick package of rawk in the IRON MAIDEN meets KISS riff mountain vein, trawling us with a metal-chum mummery unafraid to run the groove tank dry … I’ll climbing way up high until I can touch the sky‘Goat Mountain’ leads with a squawk box lick and promptly heads snout-down into a smooth melody that is right at home in the slop trough of late 70’s rock.  The song has a specious grasp of goats or mountains and loses me with the lyrics; verily the song does manage to roll away the stone and kick out the jams.

‘Far Away’ opens with a NYC punker count down and puts vocalist Rob Monstar front and center with bassist Martin Gertz bringing up the rear with his bass a billowing Saharan sandstorm - Martin just steamrolls bottom-end in this song.  Rob Monstar has some Geoff Tate of QUEENSRYCHE undertones, but he really sounds like Peter Murphy of BAUHAUS and has a bit of his sonorous style, ya mon.  Tim Neumann is the euro-rock riffmeister adding his paint by numbers guitar colours. ‘Killed By Karma’ jams low-down doing the bad karma boogie. ‘Your Eyes’ ends on a 6:20 romp that has an epic multi-story feel about it and heads off into the musical boondocks; if you have ever seen the ROLLING STONES live and seen them turn their studied rockers into rave-ups, you get the picture.

KING MOON & THE PURPLE TONGUES found their sound on “The Golden Giant”, but it doesn’t sound much to me like Stoner or Psych or Doom. What they are is a hard rawkin’ band that gets it done artfully and that is the rawknroll deal, mates. Vocalist Rob Monstar also did the artwork for “The Golden Giant” – talented, that one. Peace Out and Mary Crissmas ¡!

Ich bin ein Berliner! Dani bandolier’s Spotify list…

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Golden Giant
2. Goat Mountain
3. Far Away
4. Falling Down
5. Hall Of The Dead
6. Sleep Of Wolves
7. Killed By Karma
8. Your Eyes    
Rob Monstar - Vocals
Tim Neumann - Guitar
Martin Gertz - Bass
Säsh Dustown - Drums
Record Label: Church of Moon Records


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