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King Nomad - Sagan Om Rymden Award winner

King Nomad
Sagan Om Rymden
by Neil Cook at 19 August 2020, 6:15 PM

KINGNOMAD, literally come from a forest in Sweden. I don’t know what magical creatures and fae-like beings live there, but it does feel like they are talking to us through KINGNOMAD at times.

Formed in 2014, although they sound like this should be 1974.  Their sound roams from Psychedelic proggy noodling, through a heavy-ish Stoner feel into a folky children of the forest vibe into a spaced out jazzy prog freak outs.  This isn’t to say they don’t know their direction, far from it, as all the elements pull together to make the whole aural experience.

Opening track “Omniverse” has a bit of a traditional Prog/Space Rock feel about it, being a slightly more sprightly track, no bad thing to open the album with, especially as next track “Small Beginnings” puts the breaks on and after a bit of twiddley weirdness is a much slower pendulous track, more into the Stoner territory musically, but with one of the many languid mellow guitar solos.

The Omega Experiment” is more of this Stoner Psyc feel, and for me is a bit jarring.  There is something about the sound that doesn’t work in this case.

However the standout piece on the album is “Tillakablick the Usurper”.  This is a fully fledge, card-carrying Prog Rock song from the 70’s, all the way from it’s title, though it’s many layers and time changes.  It is also the albums longest song, and still manages to be shorter than your typical 70’ Prog bands keyboard solo, I really showcases the bands whole vibe and sound in one track. The guitar soloing is very special.

Mutiverse” has an almost eastern/Asian rhythmical vibe (I know that word again) not only in the percussion, but in the vocal stylings or Mr Jay, and then the guitars rip through that with a heavy solo, before picking up the east again.  First listen I wasn’t so sure about this one, but it is a grower, second listen and I’m hearing a totally different song from first time round, not I love it!

Then a total 180 to the Folk inspired “The Fermi Paradox”.  And we are back in the forest with all the mystical, mythical beings, siting around the campfire, sharing a pipe or two, trading stories. The two voices and the plaintive guitar, makes this song an nice little interlude.

The Creation Hymn” isn’t my favorite track on the album, it is a little ponderous and seems to have a bit of a heavy hand at times.

On The Shoulders Of Giants” has the most modern feel to anything on the album, and the vocals don’t work as well as they do elsewhere.

The intro of “The Unanswered Question”, with its literally hypnotic spoken passage is stunning, but again they rhythmic nature give way to a storming guitar solo, which give this track an almost cinematic feel to it, like it was from a weird 70’s Sci Fi epic, I feel myself soaring off into space maaaaaannnn.

For an album that wears its 70’s Psyc and prog influences writ large on it’s tie-dyed tee shirt, there is none of the eras excess and flab.  No tracks outlast their welcome. The production and the feel of the music mainly works, one or two songs are not quite there for me, but generally a really different and most interesting album.  Sometimes you have to be mellow, and this would fit that mood like a glove.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Omniverse
2. Small Beginnings
3. The Omega Experiment
4. Tillakablick the Usurper
5. Multiverse
6. The Fermi Paradox
7. The Creation Hymn
8. On The shoulders Of Giants
9. The Unanswered Question
Mr. Jay – Guitar, Vocals
Marcus – Guitar
Maximillian  – Bass
Mano – Drums
Record Label: Ripple Music


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