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King Satan - King Fucking Satan

King Satan
King Fucking Satan
by Mick Michaels at 11 September 2017, 11:59 AM

Finland’s proclaimed Industrial Dance Metal techs KING SATAN released their debut album “King Fucking Satan” in May 2017. Electronically charged and digitally fused, KING SATAN looks to blast across multiple genres, combining Hard Rock, Aggrotech and Extreme Metal with elements of the occult to wreak havoc and create a spiritual carnival of destruction. “Dance With the Devil” comes in as track 1. The chorus line has a crowd-worthy hook to it, however the rest seems disjointed.  The vocals are dosed with heavy reverb and delay, a common theme throughout the album, which at times works hard to smooth out the lyrical timing and an attempt to add dimension and quality.

As Above So Below” comes in as track 2.   Think Rob Zombie impersonation with keyboards that feel like we have entered the world of Mortal Kombat. Track 4, “Psygnosis,” has a cool keyboard solo, which adds a futuristic element to the repetitive, pounding backbeat. Track 7, “Of Internal External spiritual War,” offers a reprieve from the digital pulsation and slows things down to a rhythmic, but reoccurring, doom groove. Unfortunately, the song is peppered with vocals that are quite taxing and thorny to make out. “Kali Yuga Algorithm” wraps up the album as track 10. The song has several endearing points such as the chant-like chorus and the multiple cymbal bell percussion elements. But as with many of the other tracks, the song is strictly held together by nothing more than repetition.

There are so many aspects of this album that are exactly alike, which at times, feels like the same song over and over again or a continuation of sorts… causing not just predictability but super imposed monotony. Much of this lends itself to the overall song arrangements and vocal deliveries… they are just too similar, making it difficult to form a solid distinction among the songs. The over-the-top lyrical content comes across more as a marketing move then authentic and is almost impossible to verbally distinguish. There are elements all throughout the album that flicker of substance and credibility. However, much of this has been done already and with greater success. “King Fucking Satan” would be a great fit as a backdrop to a Rave party or Vampire movie, something tucked in the surrounding shadows.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. Dance With The Devil
2. As Above So Below
3. Enter Black Fire
4. Psygnosis
5. Sex Magick
6. Satanized (Praise Hail Satan!)
7. Of Internal, Eternal & Spiritual War
8. Spiritual Anarchy
9. Destroy the World or How to Combine Love and Misantrophy
10. Kali Yuga Algorithm
King Aleister Satan - Vocals (live), all instruments, beats and programming (studio)
Katherine "Kate" Boss - Synths, piano & vocals
Magister Demaniac - Guitars [2017-], Beats and programming
Jerry Rock'n'roll - Bass guitar
Sir Changa McKenna - Drums
Record Label: Saturnal Records


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