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Kingdom In Kaos - Morality For Savages

Kingdom In Kaos
Morality For Savages
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 13 February 2018, 7:30 AM

Hailing from Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK, Metalcore trio KINGDOM IN KAOS formed in 2012. The band have been through many changes leading up to the recent release of their debut album, “Morality for Savages.” Metalcore is a polarizing genre in the community; perhaps the most polarizing. But, I have never really been able to figure out why. I enjoy a lot of Metalcore. So, I always keep an objective perspective when I listen to, as I do all music that I am reviewing. Let’s get down to the eleven track album and dig in!

“Void” is a short, mostly instrumental opener. They establish a suspenseful, heavy sound here. The guitars are supercharged with distortion and the vocal moans and screams could raise corpses from their graves. “Head of Snake” is the first proper track. I hear some Hardcore/Post-Hardcore influence in their style of music for sure. The vocals have a discernable rhythm to them, which rise over drop tuned guitars that are as low as the pits of the earth. The lack of clean vocals makes the Metalcore label a bit moot. Though there aren’t always cleans in this style, it is a fairly common element. “Hierarchy” is another short track but does feature some clean vocals. However, they lack energy and are a bit pitchy.

“Ballad of the Grotesque” is the long song on the album, at over six minutes. After a slow moving opening, where the clean vocals bring a despondent and doomy note (instead of a melodic note), they bring an aggressive edge to the track. Stouty has a diverse range in the Death Metal vocal area, but the cleans are again just not anything to get excited about. “Spineless” is a weighted affair with a strong dissonance in the instrumentation. The overall song brings a hopeless quality in the music. This is definitely not sun shiny music which is fine, as these emotions are just as powerful to convey in music as others are.

The title track, “Morality for Savages,” brings a little melody into the fold, but it is still very much a riff and vocal driven track where brutality is in the forefront. “Relentless Metal Aggression” is how they describe their sound, from their Facebook page. I think that is a pretty accurate description. “Pandora’s Box” opens with soft acoustical guitar notes, and dual clean vocal harmonies, with what sounds like a female companion. It isn’t until the three minute mark where we hear distorted guitars and Death vocals. Following the contentious sound and speedy sound in “Natural Selection,” the album closes with the chaos of “Devolution.”

Genre labels aside, there isn’t a lot of drama or emotion even in the heaviest of moments that moved me as a listener. Aside from the strong feeling of doom and despondence that ran through each track, the album wasn’t really able to get off the ground or out of riffs that just seemed to be too familiar. There is potential here, as this is the band’s debut, and they have the aggressive side of the Metal genre down just fine. But adding a clean vocalist might improve things here. Or, scrapping the cleans all together and just focusing on tight and vicious Death Metal.

Songwriting: 4
Originality: 4
Memorability: 4
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Void
2. Head of Snake
3. Nailesque
4. Hierarchy
5. Ballad of the Grotesque
6. If all else Fails
7. Spineless
8. Morality for Savages
9. Pandora’s Box
10. Natural Selection
11. Devolution
Stouty – Vocals
Ryan – Guitar
Kennedy – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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