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Kings of Dust - Kings of Dust Award winner

Kings of Dust
Kings of Dust
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 19 March 2020, 10:01 AM

It’s extremely usual to see a band using the name of one of its members if he/she has a previous successful career, because it’s a commercial strategy as old as music itself. But it can be a reminder of what could be expected on the new band’s releases. This is the case of KINGS OF DUST, a North American quartet that is releasing its first album, “Kings of Dust”.

On the individual previous works of the members, names as BADLANDS, RED DRAGON CARTEL, CRASH STREET KIDS and SURGICAL STEEL. On the music, to the listeners is presented a form of Classic Rock/Hard Rock in the same vein of names as BAD COMPANY, DEEP PURPLE and LED ZEPPELIN. By these words, it can be expected a musical work based on very good melodies and choruses, a nasty organic feeling with a Bluesy scent, but all adorned with a modern feeling and a personal touch of the quartet. Yes, it’s very good to hear such form of music being done by guys that know how to do it, and not for someone forcing things to fit in the trend.

The sound quality shows a perfect blend between the past and the present. “Kings of Dust” was produced by Greg, mixed by Michael and mastered by Brad Vance (who work previously with RAINBOW and GRAHAM BONNET), and the result is something clean, loud and modern, but bearing an evident organic ambiance flowing from the instrumental tunes (it seems that endless digital editions of modern devices for the instruments were left aside). It’s very good, indeed.

Musically, “Kings of Dust” is a very good album that will nail the listeners easily. The energy and groove that flows from “Like an Ocean”, the mastodonic expressive arrangements shown on “Upon Reflection” (a clear reference for LED ZEPPELIN’s works, with very good moments from bass guitar and drums) and “What’s the Other”, the charming, heavy and organic feeling that comes from “The Devil Made Me Do It”, the noir Bluesy/Jazz influence that permeates “My Piece of Mine”, the frantic and aggressive melodies of “Ugly” (very good work of the vocals), the savage riffs of the way-down-Rock-and-roll song “Ya, That’s Me” and “Wolves” are the best ones, but the entire album is really very good.

It seems that the combination of different ideas of KINGS OF DUST members bloomed in a great shape, but “King of Bones” points that these guys will create something even better on the next release.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Like an Ocean
2. Upon Reflection
3. What’s the Other
4. The Devil Made Me Do It
5. My Piece of Mine
6. Ugly
7. Yours Not Mine
8. Ya, That’s Me
9. By You
10. Mama
11. Wolves
12. A Little Bit of Insanity
13. Keep the Spirit Alive
Michael Thomas Beck - Vocals
Ryan McKay - Guitars
Greg Chaisson - Bass Guitar
Jimi Taft - Drums
Record Label: Shock Records


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