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Kingsmen – Revenge.Forgiveness.Recovery

by Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin at 23 May 2020, 4:29 AM

KINGSMEN is a 4-Piece Melodic Death Metal band from Providence, Rhode Island. They were formed back in December of 2016 and this is officially their first full-length release.  Not to be confused with aa number of other bands with the same name and obviously they are not the 60’s Rock and Roll band THE KINGSMEN!

Originality in songwriting is not quite easy in the genre. They dive into various genres and sub-genres and they really sound like a mix of old school IN FLAMES mixed in with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. You have the best elements of Progressive Metalcore with the Melodic Death Metal goodness. It is riff-tastic and an extremely high quality written melodic death metal album. There is a combination of heavy C-toned guitar work flavored with some clean melodies and an instrumental. I'd have to say that the sound of the band is really based on their Gothenburg style of melodic death and it shines with vigor.

The music here is top notch like no other featuring heavy bar chord riffs meshed with many different melodies that are played alongside them with precision. I would have to say that I preferred "Nightmare" and "Pleasure in Vengeance" to be the best tracks on here. However, every song has great melodies (as is being discussed) and I would consider this album to be highly underrated. They don’t stick to one genre and that’s what that makes them head and above everyone else that are rehashing some late nineties riffs.

Lead guitar work was quite impressive and perfective all over the fretboard, highly impressed! The vocals did not vary that much, mostly high end screaming with some clean which went alongside the clean guitar bits. They (the vocals) really suited the guitar well and did not drown out the music. I'd say that other than the production quality not being their best it lacked not only there, but also in the mixing, the bass guitar was a little hard to hear. The drums went well along with the music and fit in with the mild/moderate tempos and licks.

Everything was right in queue with this impressive album. It did have that aggression (as previously discussed) that you want in a Melodic Death Metal album and the album showed very good musicianship lyrically, melody wise and aura inspiring. Speaking about renaissance of a person and the trials and tribulations we all live through. Sometimes when life hits hard, you hate the whole world, you want your revenge but at one point in your life you have to forgive and move on. The lyrical content does speak about the resurgence of a life within a life, when you make clear of a lot of bad stuff in your life, you start to recover, become who you were again. You tend to lose focus when the going gets tough but when you pull through, you feel like the real you and the lyrics really hit home honestly.

Bottom line, if you're highly into melodic death metal and metalcore, this one is not an album to pass up. Yes it has a few flaws, but overall the quality is there and riff work was highly respected by me as a listener. If you're not convinced, check out those tracks that I mentioned plus "Oppressor" and "Waste Away" . In summation, KINGSMEN really impressed the hell out of me, mixing two genres and making it work and just an outstanding debut effort.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Until I Departed
2. World on Fire
3. Tipping the Scales
4. Nightmare
5. Waste Away
6. Outsider
7. Oppressor
8. Pleasure in Vengeance
9. Relapse
10. Death of the Sixth
Tanner Guimond – Vocals
Michael Perrotta – Drums
Tim Lucier – Guitars
Adam Bakelman – Bass
Record Label: SharpTone Records


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