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Kirra - Redefine Award winner

by Jojo Hamilton at 16 January 2020, 4:25 AM

KIRRA are a 4 piece band from Oklahoma City who were formed in 2013. The band are under Eclipse Records. The Hard Rock band claim to be “the city’s most promising hard rock music export since HINDER”. It’s a bold claim, but the band live up to their claim. The band are fierce and fiery and bring a heavy growl to the table in what I would describe as an almost DISTURBED kind of way. KIRRA bring us the new album “Redefine” with a lengthy 17 songs on the album, it’s one to turn up loud when you have some spare time. During early 2019, the band were on tour supporting SEVENDUST & TREMONTI. Afterwards, the band signed with Eclipse Records and began working on the new album for release in the summer 20219. This is a good album with a lot of material created in a short period of time, however loosing none of it’s quality in the process.

Gaining infamy throughout Oklahoma as they gain a wider audience, KIRRA are now becoming as well known in their home town as the cowboys and horse ranches Oklahoma is famous for. The band played a lot of local gigs during 2014/15 to gain a following and create a local fan base. Now in 2020, the band have indeed gained more fans from all across the world and continue to grow in popularity. I will highlight a few noteworthy songs from the selection of 17 songs on the new album “Redefine”. The opening track to the new album is “Decent”. It’s a song which comes in at just 46 seconds and is a short instrumental piece. The 2nd song on the album is “Pull You Out” which gives us a taste of the vocals in front of the instruments and the power in those vocals! It’s a 6 minute 14 second long song with a fine instrumental section midway. The guitaring is 2nd to none and the drums are of high quality too. Another song I like from the album is “I Didn’t Know”. It’s a slow paced, gentle and melodic song which shows us a softer side to KIRRA. The band have written and produced a great album full of variety here! “Caving In” is another good track from the “Redefine” album. Its a song that lasts 3 minutes 49 seconds and is a faster pace with a mixed tempo and plenty of growl! Speaking of that sweet sounding growl, “Passageway” is a good track also. The intro tells you that its gonna be a heavy tune! Opening with the instruments to give way to a gravelly voice coming in singing to us, it’s definitely one to listen out for.

To give one more taster off the 17 songs available on the album, I present “Free”, a 3 minute 53 second song which is again a song which opens with a gentler smoother tempo & pace but at the same time it’s a song you want to sing along to as you swing that hair! It’s a song that asks a lot of questions and gives the answers too. “They tell you that your free” Yes they do but can you see that freedom? A very deep song lyrically. In my opinion, this is a fine ass album. It’s full of 17 tracks and this gives the listener a good choice of songs to listen to with no short time span, it’s an album to stick on in the middle of the day and turn it up loud!

It’s an album that does not disappoint the ears and one which you can easily head bang to and one which you can learn to sing along to relatively easily. I would say if you a fan of DISTURBED, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE or 5 FINGER DEATH PUNCH’s style music and vocals, then this is an album not to be missed and a band who should be followed. I hope to hear more from KIRRA as they write, record and produce more material in the future and can say I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to & reviewing this album. It’s been well written, performed and produced. A high quality album with no drawbacks. One I shall be putting on my Spotify playlist!
Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Decent
2. Pull You Out
3. Brooding
4. The Ideal
5. Integrate
6. Assimilate
7. I Didn’t Know
8. Blind
9. Ascent
10. Caving In
11. Passageway
12. Huxley’s Warning
13. Free
14. Prophet
15. Shattered
16. Waking Up
17. Potential
Gabriel Parson - Vocals
Daxton Page - Guitar
Ryne McNeill - Bass
Zach Stafford - D
Record Label: Eclipse Records


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Edited 18 September 2020

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