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Knife - Knife

by Andrew Harvey at 19 November 2021, 6:30 AM

KNIFE being a four piece band or quartet all the way from Germany, they were once described as “one of the hottest insider tips in the metal-punk underground”. Leading the group on vocals is VINCE NIHIL, LAZ on guitars, GYPSY DANGER on bass guitar and FERLI THIELMANN on drums. They all came together just before Covid-19 had been declared a global pandemic in November 2019. The band began their journey in 2020 with BLACK LEATHER HOUNDS as a two track single release. This was followed by an EP titled LOCKED IN in the same year with four tracks altogether. Two more single releases came the following year in 2021 during the summer; THE HALLOWED CHAMBER OF STORMS and INSIDE THE ELECTRIC CHURCH. Now they are ready to unleash their debut album titled as their band name, KNIFE.

So the album opens with a crescendo of guitar, bass and drums leading the charge before vocals jump into the fore. The first track “Behold The Horse Of War” is symbolized by rolling drums, pulsating guitar and hardcore vocals. The constant screaming and emphasis on the words war and rage convey themes of conflict, damnation and satanic references. “Inside The Electric Church” begins with words of religious meaning but then mentioning words like hell and salvation. It’s certainly somewhere between religious and maybe anti-Christian if there is such an in-between position but with a darker emphasis on the Christian theme. Looping and surrounding the circle of guitar revolving like a merry go round but way faster yet violent. “White Witch Black Death” brings the very best of this band, the combination of thrash metal, punk and speed/black metal. All these influences are thrown together to create a sizzling solution of all guns blazing for a brief 2 minutes. Even the looped vocals clarify the band's approach and styles in one track.

“Black Leather Hounds” shouts in harmony almost with vocal harmonies, pulsating rhythms and energizing enthusiasm. There is so much to like about this track, guitar goes bonkers with vibrato, vocals lose control and the song title is emphasized. A short but astounding drum solo excerpt brings the next track “K.N.I.F.E” into play. The pure filth of this track, vocals shriek as over, drums pounding and guitar replicates the vocal treatment. “I Am The Priest” comes with more staccato, cymbal hits and fist pumping moments of excellence. Perhaps guitar takes on the narrative here for a change with vocals pouring into a hot cauldron of hair-raising metal mania. “The Furnace” is literally what it says on the tin burning off the madness of much nastier and thumping rhythms. Occasions where the drums double time and accent is much to be desired. “Sword Loser” has a more occult and satanic soundscape where the sword of fire is drawn with more electrifying exploding rhythms and thrash influences.

There is no let down here and certainly with “Demon Wind” bringing bass guitar to the fore at first. Nevertheless the hammer is down with bone-crushing drums, the gates of hell are unleashed and those who walk through, should with caution. There is no time for those who come and go, only those who can walk through without fear. “The Hallowed Chamber Of Storms” is short and sweet, bleeding with vocals and guitar hooks that knock off your high horse. “1989” whispering with guitar strumming, secret vocals and gothic feel before the grand finale, that is “Possessed”. The final chapter questioning the listener is this enough or will hear more of the same. One of two longer tracks stands out ending with spoken word dialogue, giving this album a high note to end on. Ending on satanic displeasure and other sound effects.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Behold The Horse Of War
2. Inside The Electric Church
3. White Witch Black Death
4. Black Leather Hands
5. K.N.I.F.E
6. I Am The Priest
7. The Furnace
8. Sword Loser
9. Demon Wind
10. The Hallowed Chamber Of Storms
11. 1989
12. Possessed
Benni “Vince Nihil” Bronson - Vocals
Laz - Guitars
Gypsy Danger - Bass Guitar
Fernando “Ferli” Thielmann - Drums
Record Label: Dying Victims Productions


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