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Knight Fury - Time To Rock

Knight Fury
Time To Rock
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 27 August 2012, 2:38 PM

When it comes to the supergroups in Metal music, whether classic or extreme in their direction, there is sometimes that special kind of love to a particular niche in the music where each and every member of the line-up finds his or hers comfort and admiration. These special units can be inferred as the great bands ever, however there is something within a normal band, the general idea merely, that makes a normal group more interesting than a constant band of members wishing for the same things without moving from an essential musical pattern. I know that not all supergroups share that same appreciation towards their music, but with being a bit blunt about it, I think that throughout the years I have listened to plenty of those to come to that assessment. I believe that Chris Sanders’ KNIGHT FURY special band of veterans meets with my just mentioned estimation. With esteemed members such as Chris Sanders himself (ex-LIZZY BORDEN), David Ellefson (MEGADETH, TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY, ex-F5, ex-KILLING MACHINE), Ken Mary (ex-CHASTAIN, ex-FIFTH ANGEL, ex-IMPELLITERI, ex-ALICE COOPER, ex-HOUSE OR LORDS), Adam Emmons (ex-METAL KNIGHTS) and the striking debut lead singer William King, KNIGHT FURY reasserted the greatness of traditional 80s US Metal among a number of candidates over the past view years that have been attempting on doing the same. KNIGHT FURY with their debut album, “Time To Rock”, released via Pure Steel Records, seem to have been clinging to the traditional ways but with additional bloody thorn of 80s Hard Rock.

I know that there are artists and other fans that don’t like this term “playing it safe” but that is the best present overall description that I can grant “Time To Rock”. I could feel the flair of these guys to create something that would be the product of their shared admiration to what they have been experiencing and living upon throughout their careers and the similarities to their older groups, expect from MEGADETH and TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY, is pretty obvious and apparent. Nonetheless, not that I was actually looking for anything that would make me feel different about the 80s or on the other hand show me places that I have never visited in that prevailing old school stratum, “Time To Rock”, with its power and might in the name of all that is true, is heading forward, steady, solidly depending on the same singular moments of remembrance. Without a doubt that there are memorable Metal anthems like “Forbidden”, “Awaken”, “Nothing Left” and “Time To Rock”, which also proved how well this supergroup is well aligned and highly expert on creating catchy riffing, moving, lead guitar breaking and bombastic tunes. However, as a fact that I am an 80s Metal fan, and it has been rooted in my blood for quite some time, this album just pasted me by like a fast racing car on the strip. I believe that I needed something more aside from a smooth ride coast to coast.

Unquestionably this is a fine pack of players. I know most of these guys’ projects, bands and creations along the years and it was hard not to be amazed once again, though not surprised. Furthermore, I liked their choice for a vocalist, William King reminded me of so many classic vocalists from the glory days, he has such a terrific voice pattern that every word sounds like magic. Don’t get me wrong, “Time To Rock” is an outstanding Heavy Metal album bringing the catchiness in the vein of anthems taken from Hard Rock back to the table of the modern world. Even I was personally on the move for a little more snagging, I bid you to have a go on this one.

4 Star Rating

1. Nothing Left
2. Attack
3. Forbidden
4. Battle For The Castle
5. Awaken
6. The Message
7. Endless Night
8. Out On Your Own
9. Believe
10. Time To Rock 
William King– Vocals
Chris Sanders– Guitars
David Ellefson– Bass
Adam Simmons– Keyboards
Ken Mary- Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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